Three new clips for Men In Black III: watch now

Smith, Jones and Brolin kick alien ass

Men In Black 3 has released a trio of new clips to generate interest ahead of the sci-fi sequel’s big release at the end of the month.

The new film sees Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reunited as Agents J and K, although not for very long, as K soon goes missing, forcing J to travel back in time to find out what’s happened to him. Waiting for him there is a younger version of K, played by Josh Brolin, who just happens to boast a cracking impression of Jones.

Two of the three clips are fairly heavy on action, the first showing J and K using their blasters with deadly accuracy, and the second featuring those strange motorbike thingies you might have spotted in the trailer. Sandwiched in between those is a more talky scene between Smith and the unsmiling Brolin.

Take a look at the new clips below…


While we weren’t exactly crying out for another instalment in the Men In Black franchise, this does at least look as though it’s managed to recapture the blend of humour and action that made the first movie such a success.

Brolin seems a particularly canny addition, serving up the perfect deadpan foil to Smith's scattergun clowning. We’ll see whether or not the whole thing manages to gel, when Men In Black III opens in the UK on 25 May 2012.

What do you make of the new footage? Tell us, below...


    • ChrisWootton

      May 3rd 2012, 8:29

      Every time I see those bikes all I can think of is South Park. It will be interesting to see if this can make an impact at the box office, Will Smith normally generates a lot of cash but with Avengers still out and other big hitters around the corner I feel as though this is getting lost. It reminds me of when Jurassic Park 3 came out.

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    • SiMan

      May 3rd 2012, 12:41

      I agree, i think this year will have too many memorable 'big' films that MIB3 will be forgotten about in a few years time. Nothing i've seen in the trailer either got me particularly excited. They should have had J & K go off-world - maybe transporting an alien prisoner across th egalaxy or something.

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    • ChrisWootton

      May 3rd 2012, 13:19

      That's a cool idea.. definitely something they've not touched on before.. good shout

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