Tim Burton and Robert Downey Jr in talks for live-action Pinocchio

The Iron Man star could play Gepetto

In slightly odd news, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Tim Burton is interested in directing a live-action version of the Pinocchio story that's currently being developed at Warner Bros.

And charisma-factory Robert Downey Jr is said to be interested in the movie (and the prospect of working with Burton).

RDJ would play Gepetto in story that sees him on a mission to reunite with his wooden offspring.

If Warners manages to get these two (among the most bankable names in their fields) to sign on, it'd potentially be one of their biggest properties.

Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) has written the script for this one, which isn't to be confused with the Big Fish-esque Pinocchio prequel that Shawn Levy is attached to.

Guillermo del Toro also has a 3D stop-motion adaptation of Carlo Collodi's classic story in the works.

So, by the sounds of it, Pinocchio is gearing up to be the new Snow White

Does this sound like a good move? Or are you a little weirded out by the whole idea? Drop your opinions below…


    • FBALeazott

      Jan 8th 2012, 14:01

      How many freaking remakes does the world need , when is the movie industry going to learn people are tired of them rehashing the same old c**p!

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    • Murphy0806

      Jan 8th 2012, 23:14

      After Planet of the Apes, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland count me out of another Tim Burton remake.

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    • Murphy0806

      Jan 8th 2012, 23:15

      In fact count me out of Tim Burton films in general, he hasn't made a decent one in almost 20 years

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    • Ali1748

      Jan 9th 2012, 0:47

      Tim Burton just annoys me now.

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    • StevePotter

      Jan 9th 2012, 4:12

      But guys... ROBERT DOWNEY, JR.!

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    • albongo

      Jan 9th 2012, 4:30

      Dear totalfilm.com. You are professionals. Don't be idiots like the common people. Do please avoid using RDJ instead of taking the time to write the whole thing like so: Robert Downey Jr. Thank-you.

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    • pingpong

      Jan 9th 2012, 16:36

      cmon Murphy. Big Fish was quite charming. But Burtons latest candy-floss outputs not so much. He should stick to original ideas. If he still has some.....

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    • Tscissorhands90

      Jan 11th 2012, 20:04

      I'm 50/50 about this. When I read 'Remake' and 'Pinocchio', and 'RDJ', I really had my doubts. However, from Gepetto's perspective could be an interesting take on the story, and a script by Bryan Fuller puts a smile on my face, so this has definite potential. For now though, I am looking forward fro Dark Shadows, which I think could be a return to form for Burton (I hope).

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