Tim Burton re-teams with Ed Wood writers

3D Addams Family animation in the works

Tim Burton has teamed up with screenwriting duo Scott Alexander and Larry Karazewski for his 3D Stop Motion adaptation of The Addams Family.

Alexander and Karazewski previously worked with Burton on his 1994 biopic Ed Wood, starring Johnny Depp.

The screenwriting pair will also see Burton serve as a producer on Big Eyes, their new project which they intend to direct.

Burton has a number of projects in the works, including a long gestating Dark Shadows adaptation. It is unclear as yet whether he'll direct The Addams Family, or oversee the project as producer.

Whether you agree with a new version of the story or not, you must concede that this is one tale Burton was born to tell.

Excited about the return of Gomez and Morticia? Let us know below...

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    • swhittle

      Aug 20th 2010, 20:50

      i am so looking forward to this!does anyone know if its going to be stop motion?

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    • trickdoor

      Aug 20th 2010, 23:56

      yeah, it says 3D stop motion at the top of the story. anyway - i'm super excited about this. Nobody does stop motion like Tim Burton! And the Addams Family? PERFECT!

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    • fuzzydunlop1

      Aug 21st 2010, 6:59

      Can I voice Pugsley? (It's actually my surname...)

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