Tom Cruise leaves The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Said to want to focus on Mission: Impossible 5

Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of cult TV show The Man From U.N.C.L.E. has suffered a major blow, with leading man Tom Cruise dropping out of the forthcoming production.

Cruise had been in place to star alongside Armie Hammer as one of a pair of secret agents, but Deadline reports that he has withdrawn from the project in order to focus his attentions elsewhere.

Cruise is apparently keen to devote all his energies to Mission: Impossible 5, in which he was recently confirmed to be producing and starring.

That project recently addedIron Man 3’s Drew Pearce as screenwriter, with Christopher McQuarrie expected to sign on to direct in due course.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros will have to regroup and move quickly in order to replace Cruise in good time for The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’s scheduled 2013 start date. Expect casting news on this one sooner rather than later...

Who would you like to see replace Cruise? Tell us, below!


    • chibik

      May 27th 2013, 8:39

      Too bad for the other movie, but I'm keen on another Mission Impossible, so I'm not complaining. (Here's hoping it doesn't suck!)

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    • majam

      May 27th 2013, 11:40

      TOM would be awesome .... so sorry He will not work with GR but as a replacement Henry Cavill would be good or Gerar Butler ::he worked with Goy and I think he might be free

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    • irishbrian

      May 27th 2013, 14:11

      Clive Owen Would Be Perfect !!!! & I Know This Is A Little Leftfield But.....Luke Evans ????

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    • JoseyWales

      May 27th 2013, 17:57

      Armie Hammer is about 6ft 5", Tom Cruise is about 5ft 7". There may be other reasons why Tom left this project.

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