Tom Cruise signs on to make Les Grossman movie

Initiate uglification now

Tom Cruise Les Grossman

Tom Cruise is set to develop his crowd-pleasing Tropic Thunder character Les Grossman into the star of a brand new feature film.

Yep – if in doubt, always use the mystical powers of uglification. They helped Charlize Theron bag an Oscar after all! And Cruise’s bald, foul-mouthed, hairy-chested movie studio exec has, somewhat ironically, been his most popular character of the last decade.

Ben Stiller will be producing the pic alongside Cruise, while Red Hour Films have secured the right to Grossman’s fictional life.

Paramount’s hilarious press statement announces the film while treating Grossman as if he were a real person. (If only.) Says Ben Stiller:

“Les Grossman’s life story is an inspiring tale of the classic human struggle to achieve greatness against all odds.

“He has assured me he plans to quote, ‘F**king  kill the sh*t out of this movie and make Citizen f**king Kane look like a piece of crap home movie by the time we are done.’ I am honored to be working with him.”

F**king ay!

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    • ChrisWootton

      Jun 10th 2010, 9:20

      It doesn't matter who you put in them, fat suits are not funny

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    • blade32

      Jun 10th 2010, 13:24

      i cant see why everyone loved tom cruise's role in tropic thunder so much. it wasnt funny as a cameo, let alone a whole movie. no tom, no no no!

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    • dalebiskit

      Jun 11th 2010, 16:01

      so I'm not the only one who thought les grossman was a bit s**t?

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    • DanRose

      Jun 11th 2010, 16:54

      I know what you mean... it was humorous because it was..shock horror, Tom Cruise disguised in a fat suit... the actually concept was nothing special or anything new we haven't seen in a Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, Jude Apthow type movie

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    • morris

      Jun 11th 2010, 18:48

      This move smacks of desperation by Tom Cruise. What can you do when the whole world is laughing at you? Why, take lame a**e comedy roles and pretend they're laughing *with* you. But we're not, Tom. Really we're laughing AT you.

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    • Nickey09

      Jun 12th 2010, 4:05

      I can't f*****g wait!!! I hope there's another dance scene! In 3-D!

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    • Ali1748

      Jun 12th 2010, 17:03

      Jesus what a bunch of Debbie Downer's we have here. It's about time Tom dipped his feet into a comedy, good for him for showing some variety.

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    • jceaser

      Jun 14th 2010, 0:21

      the only good thing cruise has done in years.

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    • Jawsphobia

      Jun 25th 2010, 10:44

      Tropic Thunder was brilliant, and the character was largely inspired by Cruise. Look, he and Stiller know what they are doing. Let the morons fret about couch-jumping and how Tom is supposed to be "done" time and again. He's good. Hardy Men looks like a more promising flick, but the Grossman bit may be good as well.

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