Tom Cruise talks Mission: Impossible 5

Exclusive: “We’re already working on different images”

Tom Cruise is named Icon Of Our Life time in issue 200 of Total Film magazine, and inside we chat in depth with the man himself on his movie past, present and future.

The world’s biggest movie actor is this month's cover star, and you can read the complete feature inside the latest issue (available for just £1.99 on your iPad).

Cruise chats about all of his upcoming films, including Jack Reacher, Van Helsing, and the long-mooted Top Gun 2. And we also pressed him on the possibility of another Mission: Impossible installment, not least as Ghost Protocol was Cruise’s biggest hit to date.

On the fourquel’s success, Cruise told us, “Seeing an audience respond… to have that experience is really wonderful.

“I started Mission: Impossible hoping I could make many of them. It’s a character that I can grow with. At that time it was the most expensive film in the history of Paramount Pictures, and the first film I was producing.

“It’s been pretty exciting. I’ll make a bunch of those. I’ll make as many as people want to see... because they’re very challenging, and so much fun to make.”

Any ideas for the plot and set-pieces? “We’re already working on different images. Talking conceptually. I love travelling around promoting different movies because I’m always looking at different places, and I always walk around to see the city. I look at architecture, subways… coming up with different sequences.”

Jack Reacher
opens in the UK on 26 December 2012.

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What building would you like to see Cruise conquer in Mission: Impossible 5? Drop your comments below...


    • Ali1748

      Oct 27th 2012, 14:13

      Do we really need MI5 ?

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    • spoonlamp

      Oct 27th 2012, 15:26

      ^^ No. Who watches Tom Cruise any more?

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    • mattburgess

      Oct 27th 2012, 16:05

      ^^ I do. I still really enjoy his films, and I don't think people give him enough credit. Bring on M:I 5, I will absolutely watch it.

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 27th 2012, 18:40

      Cruise is a great actor when he wants to be, I wish he'd look for roles like he did with Collateral.

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    • JamieTSB

      Oct 27th 2012, 22:26

      Ghost Protocol was a plotless tedious mess...please Tom,no more...and you are too short to play Reacher!

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    • thedanieljson

      Oct 28th 2012, 0:04

      I agree with mattburgess. People are quick to dismiss him because of his public persona, which in no way stops him from being a truly incredible actor in every role he's been in. M:I 4 was thrilling, hilarious fun, if it's given the same director, I'm well up for it!

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    • Hadouken76

      Oct 28th 2012, 0:07

      The last MI was good fun, and bloody scary.. I hate heights!

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 28th 2012, 15:00

      MI4 was enjoyable but I just don't see the need for a 5th one, I mean Tom is in his 50's now.

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    • anant

      Oct 29th 2012, 3:42

      hey i like him! bring on MI 5, eagerly waiting. Tom is one mad mother f u c k e r! he may be 50 but he still is good looking and the stunts he can still pull off, incredible! plus i think he is a good actor too, magnolia, collateral, minority report, heck even tropic thunder! though even i think he should stop opting for only popcorn entertainment! i personally want to see him as a bad guy in a say nolan movie or anderson movie. i think he will be fab in it!

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    • FBALeal

      Oct 29th 2012, 13:44

      Old? Really? That's the reason to not do Mission: Impossible 5? A rather weak argument if youa ask me. I mean have you looked at the original series? As for "needing" another sequel the answer is obviously no. But who needs ANY sequel for that matter. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed M:I 4. It was a lot of fun and wasn't taking itself seriously as the dreadful M:I 2. I say let's another sequel!

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