Tom Cruise to star in Van Helsing reboot

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are writing it

Van Helsing was a big disappointment for Universal. Bringing together the likes of Dracula, the Wolfman and Frankenstein's Monster, it should have been The Avengers of monster movies, but suffered an absolute mauling at the hands of the critics. Any ideas of a potential franchise were swiftly dead in the water.

However, Universal have now attached electrodes to Van Helsing's ruined corpse and are ready to flip the switch, with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci currently developing the script for an upcoming reboot.

Now, whilst that might not necessarily sound like a recipe for success, consider this: Tom Cruise is reportedly on board to produce the film, and apparently, he's agreed to star in it as well.

Whether or not you're a fan of Cruise's screen presence, this does at least suggest that Universal are planning to do things properly this time around. Cruise generally runs a tight ship when he's on production duties, so hopefully there will be none of the half-assedness that plagued the original.

The team-up with Kurtzman and Roberto represents part of the first-look deal agreed between Universal and the screenwriters, with the pair also set to breathe new life into The Mummy. Prepare to hide behind your sofas… monsters are on the rise once more.

Would you be up for a Van Helsing reboot? Tell us, below...


    • 2Dglasses

      May 2nd 2012, 8:14

      reboot van helsing? 50/50 on that one. if so, make it serious! the mummy? why?

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    • Heisenberg

      May 2nd 2012, 9:07

      the 2004 version, despite being 'mauled by the critics' still garnered over $140million in profit. It was a fun movie, no masterpiece but i don't see how the critics (although there are very few who are actually worth listening too) slated this so much.

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    • piffle

      May 2nd 2012, 10:06

      I actually enjoyed the original while watching it but have no desire to see it again. It was fun, forgettable entertainment and is somewhat maligned. When Cruise brings his game he's very watchable so this could be pretty interesting.

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    • Hadouken76

      May 2nd 2012, 10:48

      Stephen Sommers ruined a good idea with an abundance of bad looking CGI, something he has repeated throughout his career. Van Helsing reboot has the potential to be darker.

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    • thedanieljson

      May 2nd 2012, 12:23

      It WAS an underrated movie I think. It was dumb but had a good sense of humour, a brilliantly hammy bad guy and Jackman was great as per. Same with the two Mummy Films actually, AND G.I. Joe (I have an odd soft spot for Stephen Sommers and I don't quite know why). This new one should be dark if it's played as a horror movie rather than an actioner. As an action film it'd be too silly to be taken seriously. Same can be said for The Mummy.

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    • SiMan

      May 2nd 2012, 12:34

      Van Helsing was one of those films i put under the 'good premise-should have been a whole lot better' categories. I disagree that it should go down a much darker router though. It should stick to an adventurous, entertaining romp a-la the first Mummy film. I think the over abundence of poor CGI ruined the Jackman version, but story-wise it was alright.

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    • Ali1748

      May 2nd 2012, 16:47

      Van Helsing was so bad you could glimpse the boom mic in one scene.

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    • Indianabones

      May 3rd 2012, 18:26

      I don't think he has said he will play Van Helsing, he will just 'Star' in it! thought he played Le stat (if i got it right?) well in interview with a Vampire....

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    • DravenCage

      May 3rd 2012, 22:08

      It wasn't a great film, but it had easily the hottest Brides of Dracula in cinema history.

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    • alexr

      May 4th 2012, 16:12

      Cruise makes a great actionn hero (IMHO) as evidenced in the Mission:Impossible films (well, 3 and 4 at least), so I don't think this is such a bad idea. I thought the Hugh Jackman original held so much potential, but was played for laughs too much and completely missed the mark. I don't consider this a reboot though - I consider it a remake. I am of the opinion: You can remake a movie, or you can reboot a franchise.

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    • Snacks

      May 6th 2012, 23:39

      I really enjoyed Van Helsing. And wished Summers and Jackman kept making more. It was a great popcorn movie. Loved the idea of putting Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Werewolf together. We watch it every Halloween. I'm happy that the idea will be continued. Too bad it's not with Jackman. Hopefully the premise of having Van Helsing taken on legends continues this way, not just having him chasing Dracula alone. Snacks.

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    • Snacks

      May 6th 2012, 23:42

      Hmm... I might also add that I really liked the movie John Carter of Mars. It should have done better. Both Van Helsing and John Carter of Mars were mistreated by critics.

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    • HarleyquinnLove

      Nov 11th 2012, 16:49

      I enjoyed the hugh jackman version. It was very low budget, but hugh did all of his own stunts and it was made well for the budget and time constrants. I believe that Cruise is a very very poor casting choice for this film.

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