Tom Wilkinson joins The Green Hornet

And it's finally shooting!

After months of delays - including a release date shift announced this week - The Green Hornet is finally shooting and it's even adding cast members.

Tom Wilkinson, last seen in Valkyrie and Duplicity, has joined the cast in an unspecified role (no shocker since he worked with Hornet helmer Michel Gondry on Eternal Sunshine), as has Revolutionary Road's David Harbour.

Battlestar Galactica's Edward James Olmos is officially confirmed as co-starring, though there's still been no solid word on whether Nicolas Cage has actually spilled ink on  deal to play the villain.

But it's the most encouraging news yet for a film that has faced more than its fair share of setbacks and doubters...

[Source: Comingsoon]

Excited that it's finally shooting? Or have you lost patience?


    • darjeelingmike

      Sep 3rd 2009, 9:16

      I'm not overly excited about Green Hornet as I don't know much about him and what I do know seems pretty weak. I was extremely encouraged by Stephen Chows involvement a few months back but as soon as he quit I lost interest in this movie...until now. I hadn't been checking out anything from this movie (because of what was previously mentioned) but Tom Wilkinson is a great addition to the cast and rumors of Nic Cage in villain mode are pretty cool, especially seeing as he'll be up against Seth Rogen - just imagine that fight sequence for a minute. The car looks pretty good and I love Michel Gondry as a director. So in other words, good news, count me on board for Green Hornet!

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