Tomb Raider reboot hitting screens in 2013

Will be an origins story

tomb raider

Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider films were met with either derision or apathy from most movie fans – which is perhaps why the next Lara Croft movie adventure is going for a complete system reboot.

GK Films have just acquired the feature film rights to the Tomb Raider video game, and producer Graham King (The Departed) is planning on retooling the franchise.

The production company have scheduled a 2013 release for the film, which apparently will be an origins story – so no, don’t expect Angelina Jolie to return.

That means that King and co have just over a year to get the ball rolling. And with 2013 a respectable-sounding deadline, they’ve given themselves plenty of time to get this new adap right.

Let the Lara Croft casting rumours commence...

Raider? Or rubbish? Think they should leave the franchise alone? Speak up below...


    • fuzzcaminski

      Mar 8th 2011, 9:25

      Can I have Scarlett Johansson as Lara Croft please?

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    • Hadouken76

      Mar 8th 2011, 10:39

      Tomb Raider is sooo Playstation 1... this decade belongs to time for Nathan Drake and Master Chief

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    • jukeofurl

      Mar 8th 2011, 11:49

      Somebody must have slipped some Pollyanna pills into my breakfast, but I say - reboot away. TOMB RAIDER is as viable a property as any from the VG world, and I think it's good to have as many female role models as the focus of flicks as possible. Of course we need the chickettes to be taught it's not real, but a release they can identify with for 2 hours. Not all of them can be Chloe Moretz ;-) still, the more the merrier. Maybe Bridget Regan can get this one. Or Katee Sackhoff?

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    • dirtbag

      Mar 8th 2011, 20:20

      apparantly already been done as a fan film as proof of concept for hollywood studios but turned their back on him

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    • Ali1748

      Mar 8th 2011, 23:58

      Rebbeca Hall for Lara Croft !!!!!!! No American's with dodgy accents let's get a talented Brit in there.

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    • writerdave87

      Mar 9th 2011, 0:10

      Isn't rebecca hall too old now?

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    • dirtbag

      Mar 9th 2011, 16:03

      @dalidab1982 I thought it looked quite good too. Read a story he rang Warner Bros and they wouldnt speak to him. He sent his script and the film!! Found the full movie here Tomb Raider Ascension

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    • Ali1748

      Mar 9th 2011, 20:17

      28 is too old, are you freaking kidding me ??????? Spiderman is 27.

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    • higgins78

      Mar 9th 2011, 23:23

      Honestly, its starting to feel like pulling teeth. Anyhow, if the studio fat cats are really convinced that this will make money then I suggest only 1 thing...Gemma Arterton as Lara Croft.

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    • HarleyquinnLove

      Mar 18th 2011, 21:32

      again.....Reboots=dumb. alot of these movies getting reboots are not that old! the film industry is running out of ideas, movies are not what they use to be.

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