Tomb Raider WILL return

But no sign of Megan Fox… yet.

Warners has announced that it has grabbed the rights to the Tomb Raider franchise from Paramount and will reboot the series with a new movie.

And while there’s no sign of Megan Fox anywhere near the project yet, there’s no sign of ANY casting for now – it’s still at a very early stage.

Seems video game company Eidos got the rights back from Paramount, a deal the company had made with Warners meant that the studio got to take over all cinematic options for the character.

Now Warners and producer Dan Lin are looking to re-invent the franchise, do away with the continuity established in the Angelina Jolie films and craft a new origin tale for Lara, her love interest and a villain.

The project is out and open to writers at the moment, and nothing will happen on casting until a script is complete and a director attached. Someone call Jan de Bont and tell him not to bother this time, eh?

We stand by our idea that Fox or one of our other possible Laras could easily take on the role. We’re waiting for our consulting fee, which we will take in money. Or gold, given the economy.

[Source: THR]

So who do YOU want strapping on Lara Croft’s twin guns? Sound off below.


    • sleepwalker

      Jan 28th 2009, 9:30

      Please not Megan Fox, Dont get me wrong she looks fantastic but she isnt Lara!

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    • Sonic

      Jan 28th 2009, 23:38

      Why the hell are all these c**p actresses making film leads for christ sakes??? Megan Fox is a plastic-chested wannabee and should just retire from film now before she f**ks anything else up!

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    • freshjim

      Jan 29th 2009, 12:56

      Rhona Mitra would be perfect and she actually is lara croft in a way, she does the modeling for the tomb raider games : )

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    • alowe

      Jan 29th 2009, 15:14

      Elizabeth Hurley ten years ago.

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