Tony Scott to direct Narco Sub

Drug thriller next for Unstoppable director

Unstoppable Unstoppable director Tony Scott is already lining up his next directing project: drug-themed action thriller Narco Sub.

The screenplay is being written by Safe House's David Guggenheim, and it has been described as reminiscent of Scott's Crimson Tide and Man On Fire.

The exact plot is being kept tightly under wraps for the time being but, as Slashfilm points out, the title could give be dropping a hint to what we should expect...

Narco subs are submersible water vessels used by South American drug cartels to smuggle drugs into America, and they sound like they'd be right up Tony's cinematic street.

Tony Scott is already lined up to direct Hell's Angels as well as a remake of The Wild Bunch, so it'll be interesting to see which one gets out of the gate first.

Does this sound like a perfect marriage of director and material? Let us know!


    • Frankie88

      Dec 1st 2011, 17:28

      Two questions: are they gonna 1-up Thunderball underwater battle and when Zel's joining this?

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