Total Recall trailer arrives: watch now

"Tell us your fantasy, we'll give you the memory"

Total Recall has released a first, full length trailer online, in which Colin Farrell finds himself on the run when his brain is wiped and another man's memories implanted in place of his own.

Stuck in a rut in his life as a factory worker, Farrell's character heads to Rekall, a company offering virtual vacations via memory implants installed in the brain. Farrell fancies an adventure as a super-spy, but when the procedure goes wrong, he soon finds himself a hunted man.

Forced underground as he flees the police, Farrell teams up with Jessica Biel's resistance fighter as he attempts to rediscover his true identity, working out just what is real and what is recall.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

It certainly seems heavy on the action, and as promised, the Mars-centric storyline of the Arnie-starring original appears to have been scrapped entirely. In fact, it looks more reminiscent of Minority Report in its man-on-the-run plot line and futuristic setting.

Co-starring Kate Beckinsale, Bryan Cranston, Bill Nighy and Bokeem Woodbine, Total Recall will open in the UK on 22 August 2012.

What do you make of the new trailer? Share your feedback, below.


    • cleanbreak

      Apr 2nd 2012, 9:21

      Kinda reminded me of the original, but minus the fun and Micheal Ironside.

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    • EddieFelson

      Apr 2nd 2012, 9:40

      First fight seen looks terrible, nice to see gravity actually coming in to play when diving through the sky though since usually you just get an obligatory head back "were going down" style sequence. Imp sure this film will turn out to be mediocre Sunday afternoon fodder however surely they could have made a stand alone film and not just another remake as it's never going to be as good as the original.

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    • EddieFelson

      Apr 2nd 2012, 10:01

      scene sorry

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    • Hadouken76

      Apr 2nd 2012, 10:21

      Looks PG-13 awful. Total Recall the original had its own unique world, whereas the remake / reboot, / re- imagining,/ regurgitation looks like a bad knock off of Minority Report and Blade Runner.

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    • marc96

      Apr 2nd 2012, 11:06

      i dont think this looks too bad, definitely worth a shot... obviously theres comparisons with minority report, but that was a great film so i can see why they'd steal some ideas.

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    • FBJEpping

      Apr 2nd 2012, 11:52

      It looks ambitious. Great action and futuristic world. But... reminded me of a movie called The Matrix. And not the first one. More of animated Neo vs. Agent Smith. I just hope we get more of the Bourne style jump and stuff...

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Apr 2nd 2012, 12:23

      This look...(unpopular opinion) fun. Yes, its not the original, and it rips off other films, but so what? Entertain me b***hes.

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    • 2Dglasses

      Apr 2nd 2012, 13:13

      how many more mediocre remakes will it take before we realise that actually arnie, while not really a proper actor, WAS largely the reason we love things like this and conan? please remake something rubbish now or something that didnt have budget to do it justice. For what this probably cost they could have done a really good starship troopers sequel.

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    • MorganRoss

      Apr 2nd 2012, 13:53

      I don't know why people are giving this such a hard time. Firstly, it looks like Minority Report because that was a faithful adaptation of a Phillip K Dick story and this is another adaptation of one of his (We Can Remember it for You Wholesale) and it has one of the stars of Minority Report in it! Secondly, whilst I love the Arnie version, the first Total Recall wasn't a good film by today's standards, had a lead whose acting has never been anything but one dimensional (say what you like about Colin Farrell, but he's a must better actor than Arnie ever was) and was in no way faithful to Dick's story; this one looks like it might be. It would be awesome if Michael Ironside had a cameo, but if all we have is Brian Cranston hamming it up as Cohagen then I'll take it!

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    • ilikescifi

      Apr 2nd 2012, 16:58

      looks awesome

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    • youngnedyoung

      Apr 2nd 2012, 17:07

      Looks dull. Trailer makes it look like a scene-for-scene copy of the original. What's the point?

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    • loveroflostgirl

      Apr 2nd 2012, 17:47

      You think this is the real Quaid? It's not!!!!!!!!

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 2nd 2012, 21:27

      Looks alright, I expected worse.

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    • MoodyMonkey

      Apr 3rd 2012, 15:06

      Bit torn on this one...Farell, Cranston, Biel makes me want to give it a go and Wiseman isn't the worst film maker out there but i dont know - why remake the previous film when you could just do another adaptation of the original book/short story?

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    • FBJRider

      Apr 3rd 2012, 20:41

      You mean no three breasted women?

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    • FBJMellitas

      Apr 3rd 2012, 22:30

      Great trailer and definitely something I will be seeing but Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale? I mean there are so many talented Americans out there and these Brit actors are nothing special. Ruined it for me I'm afraid. It tells me this movie is not as good as it apears in the trailer, right away. Sorry guys.

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    • EddieFelson

      Apr 4th 2012, 10:00

      So many talented Americans? Very optimistic

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    • FBALeal

      Apr 4th 2012, 17:08

      I like it. It looks different enough to the original since it does not have the Mars story line. I am not an idiot to be calling awful based on a trailer. Or because it has no American actors. I will give it a chance. Besides, Ferrel is better than Arnie as an actor. By the way, Mellitas, Brit actors are very good. But given you are an idiot, I forgive you for not seeing talent when it hits you on the face. Good day.

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    • chrysler

      Apr 7th 2012, 14:23

      This looks pretty good. @FBJM. farrell makes some duds, but he is still a very good actor. Beckinsale less so, but both are better than Biel who is american. also i dont think farrell would appreciate being labelled as British! besides which this is a sci-fi action film i dont think its going to be winning any accolades in the acting categories come award time so this entire argument is pointless.

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