Toy Story 3 trailer online!

No toy left behind...

The new, full trailer for Toy Story 3 has arrived online and you can see it below.

To be honest, we feel a little guilty letting you see it this way, when it should really be enjoyed either in  a cinema or in glorious HD-vision (links forthcoming).

But we'd be remiss if we didn't expose you to this little treat, which is packed with all the usual Pixar goodness and proves that the toymakers are still at the top of their game, even when making a sequel to films that came out in 1995 and 1999 respectively.

This time around, we get actual footage from the movies, with a home movie-style montage showing Andy growing up, right up to the point where his old toys - Woody and co - are donated to a local nursery school, where a pack of eager toddlers are only too happy to "enjoy" them.

Shell-shocked by their new environment, our heroes plan to break out. Which doesn't, of course, go smoothly…

Take a look at the footage below and let us know your thoughts…





    • Ali1748

      Oct 12th 2009, 21:46

      very touching trailer but the Spanish Buzz made me laugh.

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    • murta101

      Oct 16th 2009, 16:09

      couldn't agree more with Ali1748. it's a great trailer telling us of what to expect, the animation seems as great as it did when i saw it in cinemas when i was 4, and the jokes are excellent, did cry a tadge tho, dunno why

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