Red Riding Hood trailer released

First look at Catherine Hardwicke's new fantasy film

red riding hood trailer

The first trailer for Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood has been released.

Set in a village that’s under attack from a werewolf, this looks a bit Twilight: 1750AD - not surprising considering the supernatural elements, themes of forbidden love and Hardwicke's slick direction.

Starring Amanda Seyfried as the girl with the red hood, with what promises to be a great support from Gary Oldman as a famous werewolf hunter.

View the trailer below...

At worst, Red Riding Hood will give Twi-hards something to watch while awaiting Breaking Dawn.

At best, it'll show what Hardwicke could have achieved if she'd have been allowed to continue the Twilight Saga.

We doubt that this is franchise making stuff, but with Gary Oldman and Billy Burke in one movie, it's got our money.

Red Riding Hood is due for release in early 2011.


Twi-hard? Or a bit limp? Let us know!


    • jazhands17

      Nov 19th 2010, 17:47

      This looks so twilightesque. It's so disappointing, the "i'm wrong for you" "i don;t care" dialogue sounds like it could have been ripped straight from the twilight movies. Why when you've got such great source material and a chance to do something really interesting with a classic story do you have to mess it up with tween friendly nauseating romance and panning shots of forests? Oh yeah, because you're Catherine Hardwicke. Completely wasted chance to do something original.

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