Transformers 2 high-def trailer online

Massive robots! Crisp and shiny video! Look now...

The official version of the Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen trailer has, like, hit the Net - and it's...

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    • endaoconnor

      Feb 16th 2009, 17:51

      Cool trailer, but Christ bay show us even a little bit of the story(assuming there is any).

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    • mattburgess

      Feb 17th 2009, 18:48

      Oh thank goodness! FINALLY a Michael Bay film packed full of action and special effects, with none of that pesky 'story' to get in the way! And Shia LaBeouf pulling a bug apart. Got my ticket!

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    • red157

      Feb 17th 2009, 20:16

      Looks nice enough, but then again so did the last one. Will have to get some stellar reviews to get me to shell out at the cinema again.

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