Transformers 2 smashes the US box office

The sequel has made $201 million in five days…

After raking in plenty of cash over here, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen turned its attention Stateside, where it earned $112 million in its first weekend alone.

Combined with its haul from Thursday onwards, it has taken in $201.2 million in just five days, seemingly on course to be the year’s top grosser.

The movie’s success meant that everything else shifted down one, though The Proposal held strong with $18 million this weekend, The Hangover made $17.2 million and Up brought in $13 million.

The only other film in the top five was the only film brave enough to launch against TF2 – My Sister’s Keeper, which made a respectable $12 million.

The top 10 in easily digested chart-form…

  1. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen ($112 million)
  2. The Proposal ($18.4 million)
  3. The Hangover ($17.2 million)
  4. Up ($13 million)
  5. My Sister’s Keeper ($12 million)
  6. Year One ($5.8 million)
  7. The Taking Of Pelham 123 ($5.4 million)
  8. Star Trek ($3.6 million)
  9. Night At The Museum 2 ($3.5 million)
  10. Away We Go ($1.6 million)

[Source: Box Office Mojo]


    • sirius23

      Jun 29th 2009, 8:40

      TF2 is the biggest load of over rated c**p i have seen this year. The sound editing is awful, the story rubbish, overlong and filled with too many unimaginative dull blurry shaky cam fight scenes and Jetfire......WTF!!!! not to mention the awful acting and pouting of megan fox. In the scene where jetfire farts if you look closely you can actually see the face of micheal bay dripping down jetfires leg. bad mr bay.....BAD!!!!!

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    • a5hyd

      Jun 29th 2009, 13:30

      Well i thought Transformers 2 was fantastic. I think people are forgetting what type of movie this is suppose to be (such as sirius23), this isnt going to be a Schindlers List or Godfather, take it for what it is and enjoy a f*****g film that isnt up its own a**e. And also to sirius23 ovcourse the stories rubbish its about aliens from space who can transform from cars and planes into big f**k-off robots, its not going to win an oscar but for sheer enjoyment it cannot be faulted. Fantastic film go see it. Plus Totalfilm and Empire both give it 4*'s so it cant be that bad can it.

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    • suchaname

      Jun 29th 2009, 21:14

      Sorry a5hyd, but there's a lot of TF2 that can be faulted - there's little plot whatsoever, everybody talks in soundbites or the dialogue is just sheer c**p. What sort of a line is 'I promise I'm not gonna burn your other eye', said in all seriousness!? The humour is so off I don't know where to begin, but especially with the 'twins'. They make Jar Jar Binks look legitimate... You can't even tell which robot is landing a punch at the best of times, there's so much CGI on-screen - it's the equivalent of eating ice cream too quickly and getting brain freeze. DON'T go and see this movie, Total Film might have given this four stars (Empire actually gave it three and a more honest review a5hyd, link below), but then TF gave Crystal Skull five stars... Says it all, doesn't it? I'd also like to state that this movie is at least 40 minutes too long, and that's being generous...

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