True Lies becoming a TV series?

James Cameron approaches networks with idea

True Lies

James Cameron is looking to transform his Arnie-starring 1994 action movie True Lies into a TV series.

Hot on the heels of our feature on films that need small screen spin-offs, Deadline report that the concept of a True Lies series is currently being shopped around the US networks.

The 1994 explosion-racked movie starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as Harry Tasker, a family man by day and a government operative by... well day, as well, but he has to hide it. When Harry's bored wife (Jamie Lee Curtis) gets caught up in one of his operations, hijinks ensue.

Talk of a True Lies 2 has rattled around Hollywood corridors for years, but now it seems Cameron thinks the property’s future lies in the small screen.

Cameron’s first go at a TV series was in 2000 with Dark Angel, which starred Jessica Alba as a lab experiment action heroine in a futuristic dystopia. After a drab second season, the show was cancelled by network Fox.

Will Cameron have more luck with a True Lies series? Tell us your thoughts below…


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    • SamaElPrime

      Sep 14th 2010, 18:24

      I would only like it if both Arnold and Curtis are involved.

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    • Illustratedman

      Sep 17th 2010, 15:42

      How retarded! This just confirms that Cameron has fallen off his rocker. Here was a guy who once had so much creative juice it was scary now turning out re-runs of past projects. Spielberg welcome Cameron to the Club!

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