Tumbler spoiler shots from The Dark Knight Rises

Crew asks for privacy during scene

Some people have questioned The Dark Knight Rises' open shoot in a major city and the images and videos that have been posted from it, but one scene using the Tumbler vehicle was kept mostly in the dark (no pun intended). 
According to Superhero Hype, the crew asked fans to turn off cameras while they filmed an incident on Cherry Way using the Batmobile. 
The pictures on this page were taken before (above) and after (below) that request, although they still give a good indication of what's happening.
You can almost hear Christian Bale's Batman huskily saying: “Remember where we're parked everybody - in the hole.”

The Dark Knight Rises opens on 20 July 2012.

Still want your own Tumbler even if would probably do this every five minutes on most roads? (TF does). Wondering how much Bruce Wayne's insurance is a year? Lets talk Tumbler below!


    • Trickycustomer

      Aug 19th 2011, 16:31

      Awesome vehicle, would love to have one. better than burton's and schumacher's versions anyday.

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    • albongo

      Aug 19th 2011, 19:26

      Great shot, it really is. But I do not think it is the Batmobile. You can see that it is a Wayne Entreprises Tumbler as you notice the camouflage. Unless of course the Batman didn't care for black. Anyway I'm still intrigued.

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    • MadMatt

      Aug 19th 2011, 21:40

      Burton's Batmobile is far sexier than the Tumbler - that's the one I'd want to own. Although it would be fun ramming other people out of the way in Sainsbury's car park with Nolan's chunky tank.

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    • wade777

      Aug 20th 2011, 0:05

      Burton's Batmobile all.day.long...Tumbler on Sundays, maybe

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    • trist808

      Aug 20th 2011, 0:43

      I think Catwoman has nicked the new Tumbler! We've seen her on the Bat-Pod zipping down the stairs of City Hall in the middle of a riot, with no care or consideration for pedestrians and now this pic ... has she stolen The Tumbler too? Just goes to show how bad female drivers (even costumed ones) truly can be (lol)

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    • RMM28

      Aug 20th 2011, 8:52

      Am i the only person who would go for the Batman Forever Batmobile? haha that or the 1966 one

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 20th 2011, 9:47

      Yes the 1966 Cadillac, the only two-seater batmobile, at least theres somewhere to put your shopping!

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    • wade777

      Aug 20th 2011, 20:37

      Hadouken76 what do u and others think of the look of Bane? Personally, I think Tom Hardy is gonna be perfectly tough and scary as him..the proper released pic looks cool

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