TV's Chuck raids major sci-fi film franchises

Show casts Matrix's Carrie-Anne Moss and Star Wars' Mark Hamill

The final season of TV series Chuck is pulling out all the stops when it comes to upping its geek factor – casting not one but two stars from major film sci-fi franchises. 
First to be announced was Star Wars lead Mark Hamill, who will guest star as a villain in an early episode of the fifth season. 
Now The Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss has been added to the team, playing a larger role as former spy Gertrude Verbanski. 
“She now runs Verbanski Corp, the chief rival of Chuck’s new spy company. She’s ruthless and deadly, yet she also has a weak spot for John Casey — her old rival,” another actor on the show told Entertainment Week
Season 5 of Chuck debuts on US channel NBC on 21 October 2011. 

Who should Chuck cast next to become the ultimate geek TV series? Robby The Robot from Forbidden Planet? That little kid who played young Anakin in Phantom Menace? Tell us below! 

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