Twilight 4 to be split in two?

Breaking Dawn may get Harry Potter treatment


There are rumours abounding that the final installment in the Twilight Saga  might get the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows treatment.

Following the box office success of New Moon, it probably won't surprise many people to hear that Summit are weighing up the options to see if they can split the final installment of the saga into two movies, a la Harry Potter 7.

With David Slade having wrapped the Eclipse shoot, Summit are reportedly keen to get New Moon director Chris Weitz to call the shots again on Breaking Dawn, after he impressed bosses with his handling of thecast and budget.

The studio just need to make sure they can tempt Weitz away from his next project, the low-key drama The Gardener, and ensure that they can lock down their cast (who are fast becoming A-listers).

Source [Collider]

Does this decision have you shrieking with delight or rolling your eyes in dismay? Share your comments below!


    • KayWay

      Dec 1st 2009, 13:15

      I cringed all the way through the 4th book, it is TERRIBLE! Now 2 movies for it? Gah, the pain!!

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    • Hadouken76

      Dec 1st 2009, 15:21

      it will give the emos a chance to write bad poetry in between films

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    • celine42

      Dec 1st 2009, 21:10

      have to say the book was too long stick with the action and leave the dribble to the poetry books!

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