Twilight Breaking Dawn image shows steamy clinch

R-Pattz and K-Stew get close


Twihards rejoice – the first still from new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn has been revealed online.

And it’s rather revealing itself. Proving that the Twilight PRs really know how to work their fanbase (i.e. teen girls), it’s an image of a saucy clinch shared by a surely-naked Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Is this the key moment that the pair finally shove on some Marvin Gaye and get it awn? It’s looking pretty likely.

Breaking Dawn is being directed by Gods And Monsters helmer Bill Condon, and will see the return of shirt-phobic Taylor Lautner, Anna Kendrick, Ashley Green, Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning.

Swoon in cinemas when it opens 18 November.

Twi-ing with joy or pain? What do you think of the new image? Tell us below...


    • lilycanter

      Jan 13th 2011, 13:39

      Sorry to disappoint you dalidab1982 but if the next 2 films are anything like the source material it will just be more of not very much happening. Why on earth they are making 2 films out of one ludicrously boring book is beyond me (Kerching, I guess). In fact the final battle which I guess will be in part 2 is nothing but a stand off and some lame exchanges of words. Twilight the first book and film are brilliant but the rest is just utter tosh. I only keep on watching to see Lautner topless and to revel in its lameless. Sad I know.

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    • girlaloud05

      Jan 13th 2011, 17:48

      @dalidab1982, I disagree with lilycanter, I did Enjoy the book and am looking forward to breaking dawn. I'm quite happy that is in two parts as they can get more parts in it!! The final battle does not have some lame words!! I loved that scene- Aro (micheal sheen) is my 2nd favorite character and I am looking forward to his preformace in the films. However, Taylor Lautner is hot! As is Peter Facinelli!

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    • lilycanter

      Jan 13th 2011, 18:30

      Well at least we all agree on something - Go Team Jacob! If only Total Film had done a semi-naked photo shoot with Taylor Lautner instead of Kelly Brooke! Maybe they would increase their female readership then...

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    • willow138

      Jan 20th 2011, 0:35

      i couldnt care less about haters laughing at me becuase i friggin love Twilight. The books got me through some dark days, god bless escapism, and the movies are my guilty pleasure. The next two look to be ace from what i have read and seen in interviews and pics. The cast care about the characters and the fans as do the production team. They needed to make two out of the book because its huge. The first part deals with learning love doesnt get easier with marraige. And all the issues that goes with that with added vamp and wolfness. the second deals with impending doom and the tense preparation for that. i wont say more so not to spoilt them for people who havnt read the books. but i will say this Sheen has a bigger role now and i cant wait to see him as Aro again

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