Twilight Online to create virtual vampires

Twihards will become Bella and Edward...


The immortal, super-powered, teenager-craving franchise we know as the Twilight Saga is set to leap from book, to cinema screen, into computers soon.

Twilight is going the way of the World Of Warcraft, with teen-orientated interactive company Habbo collaborating with Summit Entertainment to create a Twilight inspired online world to promote the release of New Moon.

We’re not sure how it’ll work. Surely everyone will want to be Bella and Edward, resulting in a universe entirely populated by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Or, to put it another way, heaven in a computer.

Adweek says users: "Will be able to decorate their own rooms with virtual goods based on the movie."

So, playing a piano, climbing a tree and standing over teenage girls so you can watch them sleep without them knowing about it – coming to a computer near you soon!

[Source: Adweek]

Will you be logging on as Edward? Tell us!



    • mrsmiawallace

      Sep 4th 2009, 13:14

      I swear to God, the world is coming to an end.

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    • KamikazeDingo

      Sep 4th 2009, 15:17

      I totally agree, We should take up virtual stakes and holy water.

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    • twisterdotcom

      Sep 4th 2009, 18:16

      Right, these films are killing me. I agree Twilight wasn't that bad, I actually enjoyed it, but my name was Edward Cullen first, and now whenever I have to say my name, I see all girls faces light up for a second, then realise that I've ruined the films for all of them.

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    • pimpernel

      Sep 5th 2009, 16:05

      Lol twisterdotcom, just Lol. The whole twilight thing was out of control already, but this is a bit too far. I don't understand! Nothing interesting actually happens in it! It's literally just a catalyst for stimulating girls' hormones.

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    • KamikazeDingo

      Sep 5th 2009, 18:18

      This may sound perverted(It definitely does) But maybe they should figure out how to put Twilight into a lynx can.

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