Twlight: New Moon trailer online

Swoon! Robert Pattinson is back!

Twilight fans, prepare your scream reflex. The New Moon trailer is here.

It feels like just yesterday that the original Twilight came out – probably because it pretty much was – but the sequel trailer is already ready, which is great news for Edward fans.

But it isn’t good news for half-decent CGI fans, as the werewolf at the end of this film ad is rubbish. Really, really rubbish.

Still, swoon! Look at Edward in his suit!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is out on 27 November this year. Do you care? Tell us below!


    • Buried At Sea

      Jun 1st 2009, 9:22

      haha that werewolf looks shiittttt

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    • ashley.russell

      Jun 1st 2009, 10:08

      Pattinson is so s**t. he can't deliver any lines with any kind of conviction, it's gonna be as bad as the first one but no doubt TF will bum it all the way to release so that the demographic of little girls that buy the mag just for Twilight articles will be pleased. pah.

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    • pimpernel

      Jun 1st 2009, 10:30

      ashley.russell go suck on a lemon. Honestly. Werewolf bit = LOL. Anyone else think he looks like a huge squirrel? Hope they sort that out for the movie. This one looks like its going to be as hilarious as the last one! BRILLIANT.

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    • SophiaG8

      Jun 1st 2009, 13:48

      OMG!! I think some people are totally jealous, Rob is totally dreamy, people need to get over themselves. he's a brilliant actor by the way, i'd like to see how you fair in doing the job yourselves. This looks like a brilliant film, and i admit teh werewolf part looks a little bad but it's still good for the budget that they were on in the first place.

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    • Desperation

      Jun 1st 2009, 16:45

      Meh. I still don't like the idea of vampires that can go out in the daytime. I did see the first one because somebody bought the dvd and it was alright i suppose. Not at all bothered about this though. Although, i am male and in my mid-twenties, so i suppose i'm not really the target audience!

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    • Elzypelz1

      Jun 1st 2009, 17:44

      Ugh... Can you say "hammy acting?" It looks absolutely awful. Especially the werewolf *shudders*. SophiaG8, might I suggest to you that if you want to convey how brilliant you think the film will be, that you refrain from using such pitiful grammar as "i admit teh werewolf part". It just gives you the appearance of a whiny teenager. And it is a shame, as I was taking the rest of the comment seriously. Anyway, I'll probably end up going to see it - if only to laugh at Pattinson's shoddy acting (cue screaming fangirls saying he's the best actor on the planet...)

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    • Maggie69

      Jun 1st 2009, 19:44

      I think the movie New Moon is going to be a good one... Robert is a really good actor..Why are most people saying he cant act he can... There are some people out there that are still hung up on him in the Harry Potter flim... People didnt want him to play Edward, because he Played in the Harry Potter flim. He was made for the flims nobody could play Edward but Robert...

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    • ashley.russell

      Jun 1st 2009, 20:07

      Maggie, I've never seen him in the Harry Potter films and I still think he's s**t.

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    • niannah

      Jun 2nd 2009, 11:51

      I think the monotonous, inexpressive delivery is a stylistic choice, because both Edward and Bella do it. They appear to have almost no inflections in their voices, which I suppose is supposed to signify the inexpressible emotion beneath their words. Unfortunately it just comes across as inexpressibly dull. And that werewolf is ridiculously unscary! They could have taken a leaf from Prisoner of Azkaban for Werewolf design, but then would teenagers fancy Jake if he turned into something unattractive? Ew!

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    • AvatarIII

      Jun 4th 2009, 15:45

      this movie does look awful, but am i the only one not concerned with the werewolf? perhaps it's my own fault for having seen "blood and chocolate" that my expectations for werewolves are incredibly low. but from what i understand, from my girlfriend, the wolves are not supposed to be scary werewolf things we are used to from other better movies, but just giant wolves.

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    • senema

      Jun 5th 2009, 15:23

      Well, I have to say I prefer this werewolf to the one Lupin turns into in the 3rd HP movie. But then again that is just me.

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    • starwars4life

      Jun 5th 2009, 18:11

      aww, who's a good were-wolf, haha, it looks so bad

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    • KateVB

      Jun 9th 2009, 21:22

      It does look pretty awful, but speaking as a librarian as well as a movie buff: the films are having the same effect as HP in that they lure kids (and even adults) into reading books avidly for the first time. I have issues with the quality of both the Harry Potter novels and the movies (it's not only Robert that's guilty of wooden acting in those!), but if they encourage a less literate demographic to pick up a book, I say "more power to their shonky elbows", lol.

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    • KateVB

      Jun 9th 2009, 21:31

      Besides, looking on the bright side, cut-glass Edward barely figures in the story of New Moon. So if they haven't mucked about too much with the plot, we should be seeing considerably less of Robert's mahogany impressions but more of Taylor expanding into the role of the sumptuous Jacob. I always think Bella should have picked him anyway (pause and wait for frenzied denials from fanbase ;-P )

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