Two Dragonball Evolution Clips

Girl on girl and glorious overacting from Chow

We’ve got our hands on two new clips from Dragonball Evolution, the live-action movie of the infamous Japanese anime.

First is Chi on Chi, which shows Jamie Chung’s character fighting what we presume is her doppelganger.



Given that the building seems to be burning down, we’re not sure they’ve picked the right moment to be brawling to the death, but the martial arts looks good.

Following that is a segment where Chow Yun-Fat delivers clunky exposition in the only credible way – by hamming it up like a crazy person. Check it out:





    • durden

      Apr 6th 2009, 17:13

      still don't know what to say...i just can't understand HOW this movie will be anime-accurate..there are a lot of characters and storylines in the anime that the movie won't be able to have without it being to cheesy.and a movie(of this scale) that isn't loyal to its origins will most definetely suck!

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    • Grasshopper

      Apr 7th 2009, 11:52

      Ouch. "the martial arts looks good." really? are we watching the same clip? And Chow Yun-Fat... give the man a proper acting gig again! please, please, no more ham acting in hollywood films! The best thing I can say about this film (from the clips) is that it will make Bulletproof Monk look good...

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