Universal creating new franchise for its classic monsters

Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan writing shared universe

Universal has big plans for its classic movie monsters, with the studio aiming to create a franchise of new films all set in the same shared universe.

According to Deadline, Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan have been hired to sketch out a new series of crossover films for the likes of Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Wolfman et al to star in.

Whether or not Kurtzman and Morgan will perform any actual script-writing duties remains to be seen, but they will certainly be charged with creating the overarching concept to bring the studio’s vision to life.

The first film in this new wave will be a revival of The Mummy, which recently lost its director, Andres Muschietti, over creative differences with the studio.

Muschietti had reportedly wanted to take the film in a much darker direction, but Universal, presumably with one eye on this new plan, are adamant that it be a more family-oriented adventure than anything particularly horrifying.

The Mummy is currently pencilled in for a UK release date of 22 April 2016, with further monster movies set to be confirmed in the coming months…

Which monsters would you like to see crossover into each others' films? Tell us, below!


    • moviemind91

      Jul 17th 2014, 6:39

      I was briefly excited until I read about Universal's approach for 'The Mummy'. Making that franchise "family-friendly" is like making a new Saw movie that has a PG certificate. Let's go back to the old school horror because though people say they are dated, I find them to be more atmospheric and some even frightening than 21st a Century horror.

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    • BobTheSkull

      Jul 17th 2014, 17:11

      All these movie monsters belong in horror movies, not gorram watered down, family friendly, merchandise heavy tie-in, adventure flicks! I understand that Hollywood is a business. But, it's getting harder to find a studio that is willing to put out a hard movie for a genre-specific fanbase and do the story justice. More and more it's about taking something popular, make it for a wider audience, and cash in on not only extra bums-on-seats, but also the inevitable wave of merchandise for kids that comes with it. Pity the majority of cinema goers these days generally outnumber the actual fans of said genres, making any complaints void as the studio rakes it in whether it's good or not...... And, breathe..... *end rant*

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    • kerrymaranto

      Jul 18th 2014, 3:56

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