Universal option Cup Of Tears

Short film to be made into a feature…


Not content with last year’s daft-as-a-brush Ninja Assassin?

Well, fear not - a new ninja flick called The Cup Of Tears could soon be coming our way. Universal and Working Title have picked up the rights to the web short by ad director Gary Shore, and are hoping to turn it into a feature.

So don’t consider the below short as a film, but as a tantalising teaser for what could be lighting up our screens in a couple of years’ time.

Shore shot Cup Of Tears in just six months in-between jobs, and has apparently written a treatment for a feature film version. Though another writer is expected to be hired to give it a polish, Shore will remain onboard as the feature’s director.

Which sounds great to us, considering the barrage of awesome images he’s stuffed into the two minute short. Check it out below and let us know what you think…

Think Cup would make a good feature?

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    • Sloan013

      May 19th 2010, 11:36

      If Universal can maintain the look/feel of what I'm seeing now and not muck it up by adding "name" actors I would be VERY interested . Its kinda-Casshern/Message from Space/Usagi Yojimbo in Space vibe is really cool! Remains me of an film I saw only once about 15 years ago with an black armored cyborg ninja with an energy sword that required tablets to supercharge its cutting edge! The cyborg was the hero and had an helmet with an silver/gold crane or egret on it and pistons on the back of his calves allowing him to leap incredible heights! And the japanese style houses had mech legs like in Star Wars and energy weapons! BTW if any readers know the title of this film PLEASE contact me I'm looking for a copy!

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    • Yagyu2010

      May 19th 2010, 19:26

      1st totally agree. this has the makings of a rather cool n kickass movie if they don't go to 'hollywood' with the whole thing. p.s. to Sloan013 i thought i was the only 1 who knew bout' that movie granted i was 4 yrs old when it came out. all i know is it was called something like (Cyborg Ninja) 9o% sure. i had the vhs tape u know the thing i'm talking bout' but it got destroyed after continuos play in my vcr (forgot to make a copy*). also it is xtremely difficult to find a copy of it nowadays.nothing in the net as well. gr8 movie but obscure to the world. maybe specialist collecters??

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