Universal picks up The Secret

Adapting the Dark Horse horror comic

For what seems like the gazillionth time this year, a Hollywood studio – in this case Universal – has nabbed the rights to a graphic novel, buying The Secret from Dark Horse.

The horror comic book, created my Mike Richardson and artist Jason Alexander, follows the tragic misadventures of a high school lad.

Young Tommy Morris has been invited to party down with the clique elite of Franklin High, an event that might also see him landing the girl of his dreams… Or so he thinks.

It’s all part of a huge prank – one that goes horribly wrong and leaves him deep in a mystery surrounding the girl’s disappearance.

It’s not the first comic shuffling its way through Universal’s maze-like development halls – the company also has cult favourite Emily The Strange and superhero satire The Umbrella Academy grinding towards the screen.

[Source: IESB]

Do you want to see this latest comic on screen? Or are you sick of adaptations?


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