Universal planning more Bourne movies

Not dependant on Matt Damon’s return

The Bourne Legacy might only have been a qualified success at the box office, but according to Universal’s chairman Adam Fogelson, further instalments of the franchise are a certainty.

“The point of [The Bourne Legacy] was to create a universe, a world and characters that give us a lot of freedom and flexibility in how we go forward,” explained Fogelson. "Yeah, the movie didn't perform the way the last one did. It also didn't cost what the last one did. It performed more along the lines of how the first one did.

“I absolutely see us doing more Bourne, 100% yes,” continued Fogelson. However, while he stressed that the studio would love to welcome back Matt Damon, he also made the point that the direction of the series could go in a number of ways.

“Matt has talked about the possibility of coming back,” continued Fogelson, “and we totally respect that and are excited if and when he wants to have conversations. But I think the last movie gave us a big bunch of options to pursue a next chapter.”

Which sounds to us as though Jeremy Renner’s character Aaron Cross will be the most likely focal point of the next instalment. Looks like fans might have to wait a little longer to see Damon snapping another windpipe…

Would you welcome more Bourne films? Tell us, below!


    • SiMan

      Feb 22nd 2013, 14:29

      Legacy was...meh. It was a bit too slow going. Renner was ok in it, but i think that they would need to have Jason Bourne return in some capacity. Haven't read any of the books, but doesn't he become a teacher/lecturer and settle down with a family before the 'old life' catches up with him again. That could be interesting to see.

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    • Clown5

      Feb 22nd 2013, 20:23

      They should not plan, they should make one. Bourne movie is a mix of many things. So there is no denying the fact that Bourne is a must box office hit. Though the last one didn't see such. I also think Matt should take his place and make movie with some thing new.

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    • Hadouken76

      Feb 22nd 2013, 21:15

      Come back in 10 years when Bourne has a wife and kids. Legacy was a lameduck, a hero whose motivation was to score drugs, dialogue drowning in science-babble and action that didn't race the pulse.

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 22nd 2013, 23:33

      Legacy wasn't that bad but it tarnished a perfect trilogy.

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    • cheshiremandrel

      Jul 22nd 2013, 2:07

      Legacy was weak but still leaves us wondering if Jason could return and finally settle the score. It would be nice to see Noah severely messed up and maybe Jason gets personal with Pam (chuckle).

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