Universal planning sequels for The Bourne Legacy and Ted

Studio plans to maximise franchises

Universal has confirmed that sequels are on the way for both Ted and The Bourne Legacy, as the studio looks to maximise all potential franchises.

Ted has racked up close to $400 million worldwide, having amassed a raft of solid reviews, and the studio is looking to fast-track a sequel to capitalise on the character's popularity. According to NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke, the studio will move on a sequel, "as soon as we can".

The Bourne Legacy didn't turn in quite such a stellar performance, with its global gross clocking in at a more modest $182 million. That said, the studio clearly has plans for its rebooted action series.

"We're gonna follow Jeremy's character," revealed producer Frank Marshall. "Everything else is wide open. That's the great thing about this now. The table is set to go any direction we want to. But we will, I'm sure, follow Jeremy and see what happens. Jeremy and Rachel [Weisz]."

The studio also has plans to crank up its animated output to two films a year, with a sequel toDespicable Me in place for 2013, and a spin-off featuring the Minions expected the following year.

Which of the aforementioned sequels has you most excited? Tell us, below!


    • mcghater

      Sep 14th 2012, 12:20

      good news on the ted sequel...........meh for bourne

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    • SilverSurfer45

      Sep 14th 2012, 13:12

      Renner was good but Legacy suffered because of Weisz (she was terrible) and Gilroy's flat direction, they should both be dropped and bring in a director who can balance action and drama. Martin Campbell to redeem himself after Green Lantern maybe?

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    • Hadouken76

      Sep 14th 2012, 13:58

      Bourne legacy was just..mediocre. You didn't care about any of the characters because they wouldn't shut up.

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    • Bixbyla

      Sep 14th 2012, 14:37

      It almost feels like they don't want to admit that The Bourne Legacy was a complete let down. Humble thine selves, less of the false optimism!

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    • justdea

      Sep 14th 2012, 16:10

      uhm more movies with Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton? I'M IN. really looking forward for Bourne Legacy's sequel.

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 14th 2012, 17:00

      How can anyone hate Ed Norton ??

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    • Hadouken76

      Sep 14th 2012, 18:06

      Ask Tony Kaye.

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 15th 2012, 1:08

      I've heard all about that development but the end product speaks for itself, Ed gave an oustanding performance in American History X.

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