Universal planning Timecop reboot

But Van Damme will not be involved

With studios continuing to raid their vaults for vintage action franchises to reboot, Universal has stumbled upon sci-fi caper Timecop, and has decided it’s time for an update.

Set in the near future, the original film plays out in a world where time travel has become possible, but is strictly regulated by the police.

Van Damme played a copper who discovers a crooked politician using the technology to further his political career, and sets about bringing him to justice.

Details concerning the proposed reboot are few and far between, but it’s thought that the studio will completely re-imagine the concept by going back to the original Dark Horse comic on which it was based, with writers currently being considered for the job.

It is also thought that Van Damme is not being considered for a return, which means they’ll have to find somebody else flexible enough to do the splits on command. Hopefully...

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    • jejudo80

      May 23rd 2013, 12:09

      Please do not mess it up like they did the "Total recall"

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    • crystakura

      May 23rd 2013, 14:52

      Whoever plans to mess this up needs a Van Damme roundhouse kick to the face.

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    • Ali1748

      May 23rd 2013, 17:12

      What next a Bloodsport remake /

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    • TwoBobRuss

      May 23rd 2013, 18:02

      Here is what I'd like. Hollywood to keep churning out remakes/reboots. But here is the twist: Don't call them that and change the name. But still do the exact same story. You know why??? Then we wouldnt have two years of people commenting on every story voicing their pointless disgust. Instead they can write one comment on the review to say it was a rip-off of their beloved film. Ta-Da - No more whingebags!!!

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