Universal wants to reboot The Wolfman again

This time they’ll call it Werewolf


Universal Studios attempted to reboot their classic 1941 film The Wolf Man just last year, but they’re already looking to reboot that reboot.

That’s mostly because director Joe Johnston’s Wolfman, which starred Benicio Del Toro as the wolf and Emily Blunt as his corset-strapped love interest, was deemed a bit of a duff.

That film suffered a tortured production process that saw original director Mark Romanek booted off the project. It was made for $150m, and only scratched $142m back at the box office.

Still, Universal is sure that werewolves are big sellers (presumably because of the combined forces of Twilight and True Blood), and want a second go at redoing The Wolf Man.

They’ve got a preliminary title of Werewolf, and are meeting potential directors with a view to shooting this autumn. Not that they’re rushing again or anything...

Think Universal has fallen into a reboot fever? Or are they right to want to make more werewolf movies? Tell us your thoughts below...


    • Azazeal4eva

      Jun 10th 2011, 15:46

      on the whole i enjoyed the wolfman, it was just the 2-3 hyper over the top gore moments, that rather than be shocking were laughable and took you right out of the dark grimey feel. the two fingers in the mouth and the several decapitations were just rubber heads and crappy cgi blood. make it seem real! in the next one maybe not show so much so your imagination has to work ie some thing like dog soldiers.

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    • willow138

      Jun 14th 2011, 2:24

      the 2010 one was schockingly bad! Really really wanted it to be good too.

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