Vanessa Hudgens talks Spring Breakers

Exclusive: “It was just terrifying”

In issue 205 of Total Film magazine, we meet up with director Harmony Korine and his Spring Breakers cast.

You can read the full feature inside the issue (available for just £1.99 on your iPad), but here’s a sneak preview of what star Vanessa Hudgens had to say about working on the controversy-baiting flick…

“My dad saw I was reading for Harmony and he was really excited because he loved Kids,” she told us. “So I went back and did my research - he’s one of the most exciting and thrilling directors I’ve ever worked with.”

And that threesome scene? “I was pretty nervous - just the fact that I’m not really wearing much of anything at all and in a pool with a guy who is wearing not much of anything,” Hudgens told us with a giggle.

“Thankfully I had Ashley [Benson]. Having another woman who was going through the same thing as me really helped, but still - it was just terrifying.”

Spring Breakers opens in the UK on 5 April 2013.

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 6th 2013, 17:01

      Threesome scene.......oh god must resist urge to turn into Quagmire..GIGGITY.

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