Vin Diesel confirms Kurt Russell for Fast & Furious 7

Posts new image from the set of the film

Kurt Russell has been linked with Fast & Furious 7 for a while now, but up until today, we were still waiting on official confirmation of the star’s involvement.

That confirmation has now arrived, courtesy of Vin Diesel’s Facebook page (where else?), where Diesel has posted a new image from the set of the sequel.

The new image shows a suited Russell alongside Diesel and Paul Walker in what looks like some sort of auto workshop filled with various bits and pieces of motor equipment.

The unofficial word is that Russell will play the father of Jesse, a character from the very first film who was killed in a drive-by shooting performed on the house of Diesel’s character.

Directed by James Wan and co-starring Tony Jaa, Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson, Fast & Furious 7 will open in the UK on 25 July 2014.

What do you think of the addition of Russell? Tell us, below!


    • dojj singh

      Sep 25th 2013, 15:37

      sometimes i love it when spoilers tell the tale of who's who and what's what and sometimes i hate it when spoilers ruin what should be a cool surprise for a film that's not even finished yet. for what it's worth, it's a good call to play jessie's dad, but i'd much rather he was fleshed out in a bigger role such as actually being the stath's dad :)

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    • BatMaN

      Sep 30th 2013, 11:48

      I hope this leads to SNAKE 3 baby!!

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