Vin Diesel says Fast & Furious 7 will take place in LA

Franchise set to return to its roots

With Fast & Furious 6 currently riding high at the UK box-office, attention is beginning to turn towards the seventh episode in the series, with Vin Diesel revealing that the next film will see the action return to LA.
The last two films have seen Diesel and the gang gunning their engines all across the globe, but according to the star, he’s keen to see the franchise return to its roots for part seven.
“I told the Universal people there was no way we were not having a Los Angeles premiere,” said Diesel of the sixth film. “One other thing: for Fast & Furious 7, we are bringing it back to Los Angeles!”
We don’t know much about how the seventh film will play out plot-wise, although we do know that there will be a new antagonist on the scene, the identity of whom will be known to those who have seen the sixth instalment…

Director Justin Lin has already ruled himself out of a return for the next episode, with James Wan replacing him in the director’s chair. Fast & Furious 7 will open in the US on 11 July 2014, with a UK release date to be confirmed. 

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    • Ali1748

      May 23rd 2013, 17:09

      I can't wait to see ***** ******* in Fast 7.

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    • maribelerazo

      May 29th 2013, 1:03

      Thank you so much for including Jason Statham! He is one of the best actors! Looking forward to #7

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