Vin Diesel teases potential Marvel role

Could he be appearing in The Avengers 2?

Earlier in the month, Vin Diesel revealed he was scheduled to meet with Marvel over a potential role in an undisclosed project, and from the sounds of his latest update, said meeting seems to have gone well.
The star took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the sit-down, hinting that the meeting had been fruitful without giving away exactly what was discussed.
“Marvel meeting today,” says Diesel. "Only the people in the room can tell you what was discussed...P.S. Thanks to Our page, for pushing to make it happen... you know I get tunnel vision with my work... and after that meeting today... wow!"
The post was accompanied by the below image of Diesel at the Marvel offices, rather prominently positioned next to a vintage cover for The Avengers

That could of course be a total coincidence, but it’s not too outlandish to interpret it as a hint from Diesel as to his potential involvement in The Avengers 2. While Giant-Man is fairly prominent in that image, we can't imagine Diesel playing Ant-Man (the big fella being the gigantic version of the occasionally insect-sized sized scientist).

The Avengers 2
opens in the UK on 1 May 2015.

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    • FBMHobbs

      Jul 10th 2013, 12:05

      Maybe Marvel were asking him to never appear in one of their movies....

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    • trist808

      Jul 10th 2013, 12:51

      There are rumours he may be in line for the role of The Vision ... Scarlet Witch is of course in Avengers 2 and in the comics they were team-mates for many years and eventually married and had fake children (long story). Also, The Vision was created by Ultron, who in turn was created by Hank Pym (Ant-Man) so he could feature in Ant-Man and Avengers 2 or 3 (potentially) ... these are just rumours though. Vin's got the bald head and apparently is a huge Avengers fan but his build is too big, he'd have to lose weight and muscle to fit the Visions' slender frame ... playing a robot would fit in with @FBMHobbs and @endofdays little comments too (lol) :-)

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 10th 2013, 12:57

      Vin in a Marvel movie would be pretty cool.

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    • RedEye

      Jul 10th 2013, 13:28

      The Absorbing Man. You heard it here first.

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    • MaxMarriott

      Jul 10th 2013, 13:36

      I'd like to see Vin Diesel as Thanos. He certainly has the physique and voice for the role, and it'd be fun seeing him play the villain in a film. If not, the Vision could work too.

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    • trist808

      Jul 10th 2013, 14:31

      Absoring Man is a great shout .... I can see that workign better than any other suggestion so far, @RedEye, get to Hollywood, make it happen :)

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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 10th 2013, 22:53

      Vin Diesel. Could that name be any more Marvel?

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