Vincenzo Natali’s Neuromancer to film in early 2012

Rights and distribution deals struck at Cannes


Splice director Vincenzo Natali has been trying to make sci-fi Neuromancer for years, and finally he’s got his chance.

The adaptation of William Gibson’s seminal novel was shopped around Cannes this week, and was finally picked up by a distributor.

With the film rights also bought, filming is expected to commence early 2012, with locations including Canada, Istanbul, Tokyo, and London. Pre-visual effects work has already begun.

Released in 1984, Gibson’s novel kicked off the cyberpunk craze, the plot following Case, a computer whizz who lives his life in cyberspace. He's hired by a mysterious employer to "pull off the ultimate hack".

Collider spoke to Natali about the film last year. Here’s what he had to say:

Splice is about evolving our bodies. Neuromancer is about evolving our minds, and how we’re going to merge and interact with machine consciousnesses in the future. Which I also think is inevitable, and I don’t think The Matrix begins or even attempts to go into that territory.

“In fact The Matrix, in some respects is like a Philip K. Dick book, it’s really about what is real. And Neuromancer flirts with that, but I think it’s more about our evolution. It’s also tonally much more realistic.

The Matrix which I really liked, is a movie that’s very much based in comic-book reality, and kind of relishes in it. Whereas my approach to Neuromancer would be to treat it quite realistically.”

Natali? Or no way? Is the Splice director the right man for Neuromancer? Who did you have in mind? Drop us a comment below...

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