Vote for your favourite Blu-ray disc of 2008

Plus a chance to win a LG Blu-Ray player

(The Shortlist) and the British Video Association want to know what you think was the best title on Blu-ray last year.

The shortlist includes 20 top titles to vote on, including 300, Batman Begins, I Am Legend, Casino Royale, Wall-E and Transformers.

To vote, swing by There’s a grand prize draw too for those who enter, so you could win an LG-Blu-Ray player and the top 10 best selling Blu-ray discs of 2008 just by making your opinions known.

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    • colindowney

      Mar 18th 2009, 22:37

      300 a bit ho erotic but excellent none the less

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    • peterbibb

      Mar 20th 2009, 16:18

      300 incredible CGI

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    • Whisperer2

      Mar 20th 2009, 16:43

      I don't know the best title on Blu-ray last year but I don't have own a blu-ray player. I think Wall-E is the best.

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    • Redline748

      Mar 20th 2009, 21:10

      I dont have blu ray but I bet ratatouille is fantastic

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    • sandralg

      Mar 20th 2009, 22:55

      Wall-E great no matter what your age

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    • gloman

      Mar 21st 2009, 22:04

      i am legend is a top film

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    • cutter53

      Mar 22nd 2009, 15:47

      There is only one : 300

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    • Lameth

      Mar 22nd 2009, 16:00

      mamma mia - fun film

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    • business10

      Mar 22nd 2009, 16:29

      Mamma Mia - excellent film!

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    • Keviedog45

      Mar 22nd 2009, 23:03

      At the moment, I don't own a blu-ray player but, if the manufacturers have utilised available material, "Batman Begins" should be the best, as the 2 disc DVD was an excellent package.

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    • paul59

      Mar 23rd 2009, 20:08

      it would have to bi i legend

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    • ngivane

      Mar 23rd 2009, 21:22

      mamma mia was the best movie to watch on blu-ray by far.

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    • annacoral

      Mar 23rd 2009, 23:51

      mamma mia gets my vote everytime

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    • nicolamason

      Mar 24th 2009, 7:31

      Planet Earth, spectacular on Blu-ray.

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    • Dutchian

      Mar 24th 2009, 9:10

      Wall-E, all the way!

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    • JamesForsythe42

      Mar 24th 2009, 14:12

      There is only one dark KnighT

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    • MichaelWhiton

      Mar 24th 2009, 17:13

      The dark night colourful

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    • bearboyis

      Mar 24th 2009, 19:17

      Got to be I am Legend for me.

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    • gigicbrown

      Mar 24th 2009, 20:38

      Hancock was just brilliant!

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    • kwijibo

      Mar 25th 2009, 10:50

      The Dark Knight - deffo

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    • vcurtis68

      Mar 25th 2009, 14:12

      mamma mia - simple fun family entertainment

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    • HARRY666

      Mar 25th 2009, 15:20

      The Dark Knight.

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    • kirst.mills

      Mar 25th 2009, 23:30

      Iron Man

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    • YANGA

      Mar 26th 2009, 14:20

      I think it's Mamma mia

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    • jo381970

      Mar 26th 2009, 15:51

      Definitely the best feel good film MAMMA MIA

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    • gouldie77

      Mar 26th 2009, 20:59

      300 for me and my better half

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    • barraluke

      Mar 27th 2009, 12:27


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    • stantonburls

      Mar 27th 2009, 12:43

      300 was by far the most impresive with all the fantastic visual aspects but Wall-e was my favorite story and I had a conection with the caracter........WALL-E

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    • Tseng95

      Mar 27th 2009, 14:19

      Visually 300 was incredible

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    • Becky

      Mar 27th 2009, 16:30

      300, its amazing.

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    • bald1

      Mar 27th 2009, 18:32

      Planet earth. Out of this world. :-)

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    • leswar

      Mar 27th 2009, 20:46

      I'd have to go with Indiana Jones

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    • thegame

      Mar 27th 2009, 22:21

      mamma mia its soooooooooo funny

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    • ZAZARK6

      Mar 28th 2009, 11:11

      I think it has to be the Dark Knight

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    • ChrisDeacon

      Mar 28th 2009, 11:47

      300...jaw dropping visual treat !

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    • Robinnia

      Mar 28th 2009, 18:31

      It has to be Mama Mia.

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    • vishnumistry

      Mar 28th 2009, 19:50

      the walle a goos entaining film for all the family

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    • Abbafan1972

      Mar 28th 2009, 21:13

      Mamma Mia is my favourite!

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    • shellbo78

      Mar 28th 2009, 21:35

      Batman Begins for sure!

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    • shellbo78

      Mar 28th 2009, 21:44

      OMG, I totally meant The Dark Knight!

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    • SarahKay

      Mar 29th 2009, 17:32

      Mamma Mia for me

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    • tizliz

      Mar 30th 2009, 17:02

      I can't understand the thinking behind this comp. How can I rate Blu-ray films when I don't have a blu ray player which is why I want to enter this comp!!!

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    • dawncalverley

      Mar 30th 2009, 20:39

      Mamma Mia - weirdly enough

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    • esuaitken

      Mar 31st 2009, 18:34

      300 - That was the bomb. Terrific CGI, really emotive and enrapturing. Top movie.

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    • jakemealue

      Apr 1st 2009, 7:04

      i dont care what anybody else says, but Iron Man, to me, is the best one from the list on Blu-Ray (and dvd, special effects wise). Plus Robert Downey Jr. Rocks!

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    • stuartcricket2

      Apr 1st 2009, 7:47

      I dont own a blue ray but i would have to say Dark Knight if i had to pick one which would look great!

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    • minime39

      Apr 1st 2009, 15:18


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      Apr 1st 2009, 21:31

      I agree with tizliz- how can I rate the best blu ray when I haven't got one. I'd go for Iron Man though....

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    • Peelyposter

      Apr 2nd 2009, 8:30

      I've hardly seen any of those films, so I'll vote for one of the two I have seen - Casino Royale.

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      Apr 2nd 2009, 13:54


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    • sjmorris

      Apr 3rd 2009, 11:07

      Dark Knight

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    • LOU1ASH1

      Apr 3rd 2009, 16:56

      I do not have a Blur Ray but I would think Mamma-Mia

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    • frogger

      Apr 4th 2009, 2:49

      RAMBO true classic, come on

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    • Catchphrase

      Apr 4th 2009, 11:10

      Wall-e. It looks perfect in bluray.

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    • mellor

      Apr 5th 2009, 13:00

      300 was and is brill, would love to see it on bluray. ive seen 300 twice and it better every time i watch it, noticing more things ever time

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    • Iccle_shell

      Apr 5th 2009, 18:51

      Hell BOY II was fantastic on bluray, i think Hellboy is the underdog of comicbook films, i do think the end fight should of been a bit longer and a better ending, but i still think the film was awsome, going into the troll market and everything took you to a new workd for us and hellboy himself

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    • droper

      Apr 5th 2009, 21:32

      For all round entertainment and family fun, Wall.E is both beautiful and poetic. Allowing the audience to breath and enjoy all the stunning details that blu-ray offers. My three and six year old boys love it! DR

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    • SpearofDestiny

      Apr 5th 2009, 23:59

      The Dark Knight its also got 2 bad guys for the price of one. Heath Ledgers Joker is fantastic and shows what a great loss he is to the acting proffesion. Two face is a great bad gut too love the face make-up or cgi u decide?

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    • nervosa

      Apr 6th 2009, 17:27

      300 was superb. The quality of the filming coming thru on blu-ray was stunning. Likewise Planet Earth if you wanted a documentary.

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    • buzzard

      Apr 7th 2009, 15:46


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    • Ahmet1812

      Apr 8th 2009, 0:03

      Iron Man. The sound, the colour, the action and Pepper Pots! what more do you want? 10/10

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    • ecosse

      Apr 8th 2009, 19:29

      i dont own a blu-ray player,but had a copy of Iron-Man dvd which was a great film for me. it must be awesome on blue-ray. 10/10 for Iron-Man

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    • littlemissfranc

      Apr 9th 2009, 13:50

      The Dark Knight

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    • sjkurtys

      Apr 9th 2009, 16:19

      There is no discussion, the Dark Knight, Heath Ledger was amazing, as was the remainder of the cast, in a fantastic film.

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    • robo_825

      Apr 9th 2009, 18:29

      Why has no one said Transformers, it is clearly the best blu-ray. Yes the dark knight and 300 are great but the cgi for Transformers is what blu-ray is all about. For me it's got to be Transformers.

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    • jiltedjon

      Apr 9th 2009, 19:58

      ido not have a Blur Ray but I would think The Dark Knight

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    • smiles

      Apr 10th 2009, 22:31

      The Dark Knight - simply fantastic!!

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    • redyeah

      Apr 11th 2009, 18:18

      gotta be The Dark Knight

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    • andrewmaccall

      Apr 11th 2009, 23:52

      300 awesome

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    • rt01268

      Apr 12th 2009, 1:32

      mamma mia. i haven't got blue ray but u bet all the vivid colours would make all the characters seem even more larger than life! Oooh how i love happy endings!

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      Apr 12th 2009, 3:38


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    • nicholasellinas

      Apr 12th 2009, 13:19


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    • csynw

      Apr 12th 2009, 21:50

      Hellboy II

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    • adymarsh

      Apr 12th 2009, 23:29

      I Would definetly pick Planet Earth, Absoluting stunning on Blue Ray.

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    • happyhonda

      Apr 13th 2009, 22:07

      I AM LEGEND, its nice to be on your own sometimes!

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