Want to be a Total Film cover star?

Check out our interactive issue!

The new issue of Total Film magazine is out today – and it’s interactive! Which means you can be the star of Total Film's cover!

You can go the whole hog on our cover in film-themed fancy-dress, or just keep it casual lounge around in the office. And the app makes it incredibly easy to share the results via Facebook, Twitter or email.

All you need to do to get involved is download the free Blippar app to your smartphone or tablet, and you’re good to go.

We’ve put together a handy video below, to give you a simple guide to interacting with TF. Check it out:


So, what are you waiting for? Get interacting with the new issue of Total Film magazine now!

For a full preview of the issue, click here.

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Click here to get Total Film magazine on iPad and iPhone from Apple Newsstand.

What do you think of our interactive issue? Will you make a better cover star than Jennifer Lawrence? Let us know!


    • SammyRoberts88

      Feb 19th 2012, 0:47

      I was quite excited about this...... until i found out that Blippar isn't compatible with my phone :-(. Or hardly any others for that matter. I feel like i've had my favourite toy taken off me.

      Alert a moderator

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