Want to write for TotalFilm.com?

We're looking for movie-loving wordsmiths!

Do you know your Coppola from your crappola? Does your heart beat to the pulse of Daft Punk's Tron Legacy soundtrack? Can words you write and sentences you make?

If so, TotalFilm.com wants you!

We're on the hunt for film fans and word lovers to contribute to these hallowed (digital) pages.

It's a dangerous job (fact checking, research, deadlines), but there are rewards a-plenty, too.

To apply, send a 150-word review of a recent movie, plus two ideas for future TotalFilm.com features (in the style of others on the website), to totalfilm@futurenet.com with the header 'Writing for TotalFilm.com'.

And if you have your own website/blog/YouTube channel, chuck us the links so we can take a gander, too.

Good luck!


    • ryanedwards

      Dec 25th 2013, 17:45

      Is this still going? For some reason I have only just received the update of this and would really like a chance to write for you? I have actually had praise from the Wachowski's for my reviews so I can't be that bad.

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    • juliethejarhead

      Jan 20th 2014, 15:06

      Are you still looking for writers? I'd love to write about classic movies, such as those shown on TCM and local PBS stations. Thanks.

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    • ryanbyrom

      Jan 31st 2014, 14:17

      Whatever happened with this? I'm sure I saw somewhere, perhaps on the Total Film Facebook page that it ends at the back end of January. It must be nearly time for an announcement, surely? (I'm not calling you Shirley)

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    • laurieface

      Sep 10th 2014, 15:38

      presumably this isn't open anymore, but is there any chance of something similar cropping up in the future? I'd love to give it a go.

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