Warner Bros ditches He-Man

Mattel will take Masters Of The Universe elsewhere…

In the midst of a massive re-organisation, Warners has decided to skip on funding and producing a new live-action version of Masters Of The Universe.

Despite the presence of mega-producer Joel Silver and some enthusiasm about re-igniting a popular toy franchise, the studio and rights holders Mattel just couldn't come to a compromise about the direction for the film.

Several drafts by different writers have been thrown into the development maw for He-Man, Skeletor and co, and while Silver is off the project, Kung Fu Panda director John Stevenson may still stay aboard.

And this definitely doesn't mean the end for Eternia on screen - since Warners let their option lapse, Mattel is free to take it around to other studios. Anyone want to guess who might want a piece of the action (figures)?

[Source: Variety]

Do you think Mattel should just drop the idea? Or are you hankering for a new He-Man adventure?


    • manfromthezoo

      Sep 11th 2009, 14:01

      I'm all for it, myself. I don't think there's any room for adaptation discrimination here, especially after Revenge of The Fallen disappointed and GI Joe...well, just played the wrong side of camp. Like 'Hi-De-Hi' with explosions and PVC. Hold on... Anyway - Warner might not see a way forward with it, but a sea-change of development bods might just breath the right sort of creative oxygen into it's lungs. And there's a good chance this is one sequel / rebooty that won't get recycled into a Van Damme DTV shocker -isn't there?

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    • skelit0re

      Oct 7th 2011, 0:20

      This is a huge mistake letting this project go. When it comes to popular action series from the 80's and their fans, NOTHING beats He-Man! He-Man was by far the most loved and captivating show of the last 3 decades. Pokemon was not even a close second when it comes to the obsessions kids had with the shows. This is a project that should not be attempted by anyone but the best writers and James Cameron directing. Forget Aqua Man, He-Man had( and has) a far larger fan base and much more colorful characters to work with. There are simply so many stories one could create from the simple base the original show has started. The show had a magic to it that no one ever seemed to really understand when attempting to re-create it. The music alone was a HUGE part of what made He-Man "stick". If it is to be turned into a realistic story, these things need to be considered. He-Man has all the material needed to whirl up a FANTASTIC movie and story, it just needs some one who truly understands what made He-Man so great to begin with. The same things that make children become instantly hooked work with adults also, just on a different scale. I could write this movie to be the best movie in decades.

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