Warner Brothers say Watchmen “settlement unlikely”

Alan Moore's happy, we're not...

The Watchmen saga continues. The latest chapter in this horrible spin-off novel? A lawyer speaking for Warner Brothers has said that: “a trial is necessary and a settlement unlikely.”

Last week Judge Gary Feess ruled that Warner Bros had infringed on 20th Century Fox’s rights to develop and distribute a movie adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen graphic novel.

Even then, there was still hope that the two studios might be able to get together and sort it out in time for the film's scheduled 6 March release.

But this latest revelation suggests that the Watchmen movie will be delayed, unless Dr Manhattan descends from Mars to fiddle with time, space and, most importantly, logic.

The delay isn’t indefinite yet, but it’s sure starting to look that way.

[Source: Slash Film]


    • freddojr

      Dec 30th 2008, 15:10

      So I guess 2009 is going to start on a major downer then! I have really bad feeling about this. I do not want to see this movie s**t-canned, but if it does, Snyder had better leak the movie online or the world may implode! Okay maybe that's an over exaggeration, but you get the point.

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    • AYBGerrardo

      Dec 30th 2008, 16:35

      WB and Fox are playing one of the biggest games of chicken save for the Cold War. A settlement is inevitable, but the first to admit that the best time is now 'loses' and has to give more/receive less cash. WB need to settle by the 20th of January if they want to see the film released on time. Fox knows that they'd get more money now than at any other point. Common sense will prevail, I hope. WB need to accept that they've lost and pay the 2.5% Fox are really aiming for.

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