Warners wants another Hangover

The first film isn’t even out yet

Early sequelitis has clearly hit Hollywood: Warners has requested a sequel to Todd Phillips’ new comedy The Hangover, despite the first film not even hitting cinemas until the summer.

Yes, after last week’s news that Paramount has commissioned a Star Trek sequel script before the original launches, now The Hangover - which follows a group of friends who must find their missing mate after a raucous stag night - has apparently tested so well that the studio is ready for another dose.

Apparently the other big reason for the request is the uproarious reaction to the new trailer at this past week’s ShoWest event for cinema owners in Las Vegas.

Though basing your success on a bunch of drunk business types who need it to be a smash because they want the dosh? Doesn’t sound like the smartest move to us.

Still, The Hangover does look great and with the original team – including Phillips directing and co-writing with Scot Armstrong and stars Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis all making deals to return – it could be the man-comedy world’s Toy Story 2.

No pressure, then...

[Source: Variety]

Based on the trailer, do you think the first Hangover will be a hit?

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