Watch a Thor: The Dark World Deleted Scene: Thor & Frigga discuss Loki

Exclusive: Russo and Hemsworth bond

If it's one thing we wanted more of in Thor: The Dark World, it was Rene Russo's bad-ass matriach, Frigga.

We've got our hands on an exclusive deleted scene from the fantasy blockbuster sequel, in which the titular Goldilocks and his mother bond over their mutual problem child.

Not only do you get family emotional stuffs, but Frigga casually mentions how Loki's imbued with her powers, too (something rather important considering the sequel's controversial ending).

Thor: The Dark World is released on DVD on 24 February 2014.

Enjoy that deleted scene? Or do you think it was right to be cut? Let us know below!


    • emilyowle

      Jan 29th 2014, 19:16

      Loved this scene & I really wish this scene wasn't cut! It seems too important to have been dismissed. A lot of audiences, at first viewing -- including myself, wondered whether it was Frigga or Loki creating the illusion; and this scene better answers that question. The scene also, conveys the idea that Frigga was compassionate and loved both her son equally regardless of their choices or mistakes, narrates the strong bond between Frigga and Loki, and puts a little more emphasis on Loki's call to action later in the film. There just wasn't enough Frigga, imho. She was a terrific character; and even though she was held minor role in the films, she was still had a pivotal role in the family dynamic - Her emotional ties to the men in her life made her the glue that held the family together.

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