Watch the first Thor: The Dark World Trailer

It's Hammer etc etc

The first trailer for Thor: The Dark World  has arrived.

And appropriately enough for someone who spends all his days swinging around a giant hammer, it's 'smashing'.

It's got pretty much everything you could want from a teaser trailer, and certainly hints at a darker tone.

In just 160 seconds, we're privy to floating superpowered trucks, giant things blowing up London (again), a few glimpses of Jamie Alexander's take on bad-ass warrior Lady Sif, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) in what looks like pretty serious danger, and the ultimate tease - a long-haired Loki playing mindgames from the inside of his own Magneto-ish prison.

But enough waffling - watch the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Want to delve deeper into the trailer? Read our feature Thor The Dark World Trailer: 10 Questions Raised

Thor: The Dark World opens in the UK on 30 October 2013.

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    • marvelboy

      Apr 23rd 2013, 9:06

      I thought this year would all be about Man of Steel but it looks like marvel have stepped up their game big style for phase two which I am very pleased with

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    • Gypsyboy316

      Apr 23rd 2013, 9:13

      I have to agree with @marvelboy. Marvel have defo stepped up the game for phase 2. I think that DC will have to up there game now they no longer have The Dark Knight saga

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Apr 23rd 2013, 11:34

      Not too impressed with Trailer 1 of Thor. I will wait the next one which will have completed effects shots.

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    • trist808

      Apr 23rd 2013, 11:52

      Maybe I'm easily impressed but I'm excited by that, the first film was so much better than I expected and I have high hopes for this one. I'm sure a more fully rounded trailer will be released during or towards the end of the summer, it's not out until October so there's plenty of work still to be done on the final product, but as a teaser, it works for me :)

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    • RAClements

      Apr 23rd 2013, 12:29

      "THOR" also stars Oscar nominees LAURENCE FISHBURNE as Perry White and DIANE LANE as Martha Kent ....sorry, wrong meeting...

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    • trist808

      Apr 23rd 2013, 12:39

      @RAClements, if there was a feature to "like" comments on here, you'd score highly on that one, brilliant mate, made me chortle :-D

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    • SiMan

      Apr 23rd 2013, 13:14

      Like how that teaser starts. If you didn't know what it was for, you'd never have guessed it was for Thor. Enjoyed the first one, but thought there was still room for improvement. Looks like this is going in the right direction......still all about MoS this summer for me though.

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    • SiMan

      Apr 23rd 2013, 13:16

      I can't really complain seeing as how i've watched the trailer, but i do wish that they would show them during the previews at the cinema before they make them available online. There's just something about seeing it on the big screen first - just like an actual movie. I assume this will be in front of Iron Man 3 his week?

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    • trist808

      Apr 23rd 2013, 13:26

      @SiMan, is that because it stars Oscar winning nominee LAURENCE FISHBURNE as Perry white and DIANE LANE as Martha Kent and not forgetting REBECCA SPENCE as Young Mother and TOM NAGEL as A10 Pilot #2 ... ??? :-) Seriously though, the beauty of Thor (1st one) is that it introduced us to his world, now the sequel(s) can expand upon that, Marvel plan long-term, so I'm happy for them to take their time and embellish the universe slowly.

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    • Hadouken76

      Apr 23rd 2013, 14:13

      Whats all this Oscar nominee palavah? The only Oscar winners in Superman are Robin Hood. End of.

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    • moviemind91

      Apr 23rd 2013, 14:44

      Usually the first trailers are a let down but this I am very I pressed with. It lives up to fans expectations without revealing too much about the plot. I am more excited about this than Man of Steel but I still think that will be a highlight of 2013

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    • trist808

      Apr 23rd 2013, 14:54

      @Hadouken76, go back over the last few weeks and look at any / all Man Of Steel news stories posted here in the news section and check out the comments section. You will quickly see a pattern forming courtesy of one marcogigantes77 ... and then you'll get the joke :-)

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 23rd 2013, 15:45

      Looks epic !!! love the fact it's being released during the end of the year instead of being crammed into the summer.

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    • mrzics

      Apr 23rd 2013, 20:41

      That Trailer was Dem good. Can't wait to see this Movie

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    • Kellend11

      Apr 23rd 2013, 20:45

      I don't know why, but I just cant warm to Portman as Jane. I don't know whether its because I find Portman quite annoying in general now, but I do wish they had cast someone else.

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    • ginnyadenoar

      Apr 27th 2013, 1:18

      It looks awesome! And Loki is sexier than ever! I love his rockstar look!

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