Watch the new Men In Black 3 trailer online now

Will Smith heads back to the ‘60s

Men In Black 3 has unveiled a new trailer over at Yahoo!, and it gives a further look at Will Smith's journey back to the ‘60s setting.

If the first Men In Black 3 trailer stoked your interest, this’ll give you a further taste of what to expect. And those who enjoyed Josh Brolin’s Tommy Lee Jones impersonation at the end of the teaser will get a whole load more of that here.

Check it out:

This time around, the plot sees Agent J (Will Smith) heading back in time (via one of cinema's odder time travel devices) to prevent Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) from being assassinated.

There’s still no clear glimpse of Jemaine Clement’s villain Boris, and we don’t get to see Alice Eve as the younger version of Emma Thompson’s Agent Oh, but there are plenty of extra-terrestrial beasties on display, if you're into that sort of thing.

Revealing Bill Hader’s Andy Warhol cameo feels like a bit of spoiler though.

Do audiences really want another Men In Black movie 10 years after the lacklustre sequel? We’ll find out when the film opens on 25 May 2012.

Has the latest MIB 3 trailer fired up your interest? Tell us, below…


    • ChrisWootton

      Mar 5th 2012, 16:23

      Ha, I wonder if those gyro bike things are powered the same way as Mr Garrison's new invention?

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    • Shanecmp

      Mar 5th 2012, 16:51

      The Men in Black movies are one of my all time favorite series, this is a movie I will for sure see in the Theater. Really looking forward to this movie, its been long overdue for a sequel. Shane [url][url/]

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    • trist808

      Mar 6th 2012, 11:17

      Looks like good fun, I hope it's better than the second film, which was a big disappointment for me ... I'm quietly looking forward to this one :)

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    • alexr

      Mar 6th 2012, 17:17

      I would love it if Agent J neuralyses his own father in an attempt to make his childhood more bearable, only for it to make his father over protective, and in turn make Agent J grow up a nerd instead, much to Agent K's amusement!

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    • Ali1748

      Mar 6th 2012, 18:37

      It's Mrs Garrison !!!!

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    • ChrisWootton

      Mar 7th 2012, 9:14

      Nah, it's still Mr Garrison at that point

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    • FBFPepan

      Mar 7th 2012, 14:41

      looking forward...

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    • willow138

      Mar 19th 2012, 13:48

      yes yes we do want this movie! i cant wait for it

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    • FBSHarrigan

      Mar 30th 2012, 7:16

      This is following the tradition of most blockbuster sequels in recent years, which is to get as much bigger and dumber as possible. It seems too early to judge, but this is how the film seems to be shaping up. The fact that the writers decided to bring Time Travel into it is strong evidence for them being out of ideas for what to do. They decided to retroactively create a problem by erasing K from the present. The first movie was goofy, but that added to it's charm and had lots of tense and even emotional moments; this movies seems like it will emphasize the goofy aspect of Men In Black more. This trailer does not bode well for the film's future. Hopefully this will not be another case like Hellboy 2 which tried so hard to out do the first one in ridiculousness and just fell flat. Here is proof that bigger is not always better.

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