Watch the new trailer for 300: Rise Of An Empire

More swords and sandals in slow-mo

Zack Snyder may be busying himself with men of steel and caped crusaders lately, but we still won’t have to wait too long to see his visual style in full force again.

300: Rise Of An Empire, the follow-up to his original 300, is nearly upon us, and a new trailer has given us a glimpse at how the prequel retains Snyder’s stylish visuals.

The film's based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel Xerxes, with Noam Murro taking over directing duties. Snyder is still on board as writer and producer.

Watch below for more epic slow-motion battles amid the clanging of swords and the scuffling of sandals:

300: Rise Of An Empire opens in cinemas on 7 March 2014.

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    • RKman

      Jan 21st 2014, 14:05

      I just realize, why not make the cloak red, I mean it's great in the first one with red cloak, it's like it's more macho and manly, it shows courage and bravery, while blue cloak seems like watching kids playing dress up. Please somehow, red cloak please

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    • Ali1748

      Jan 21st 2014, 15:45

      Looks alright. Major Schwing for Eva Green!

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    • McSerious

      Jan 22nd 2014, 0:16

      Please do something about these advert comments TF. Looking forward to 301 (surely they should have called it that?) for some dumb fun. Sullivan Stapleton has star potential imo.

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