Watchmen spin-off in the works?

Doomsday clock edges closer...

Love it, hate it, or ignore it, Zach Snyder's Watchmen adaptation was well recieved, made it's money, and put those 'unfilmable' comments to bed once and for all.

End of story. Or so we thought...

According to a trusted report on blog site Bleeding Cool, it now appears that DC comics are ready to cash in on their top selling graphic novel of all-time with a number of sequels and prequels.

Former DC President Paul Levitz had always denied the possibility of spin-offs because he believed that it would be, 'against the wishes of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.'

However, following a huge regime change at DC, SVP Dan Didio looks set to reneg on his former colleague's comments. 

It's also been suggested that Didio will roll out a number of spin-off titles, with or without the input of original creators Alan Moore or Dave Gibbons.

Although the news mainly concerns future comic book releases and not necessarily the cinematic side, Bleeding Cool is quick to remind us that Fox included a clause in the contract that gave them rights to sequels to a Watchmen movie.

Angry? Upset? Physically sick? Tell us about it...

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    • markrobertson

      Feb 4th 2010, 13:56

      It was a very good adaption but let it rest please.

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    • Bojangles17

      Feb 4th 2010, 15:55

      ahhh. Watchmen the graphic novel is unfilmable, but Snyder did as good a job adapting it as anyone could expect. Sequels, prequels and spin offs however have no value or merit. And I thought the Watchmen games that were released at the same time as the movie were bad =/

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    • pazozo

      Feb 4th 2010, 17:15

      will Simpsons' prophesy of Watchmen Babies come true?!

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    • Buried At Sea

      Feb 4th 2010, 20:38

      oh christ!

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    • MikeyRix

      Feb 4th 2010, 23:06

      NO! NO! NO!!

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    • TheSwede

      Feb 5th 2010, 9:00

      I feel angry, upset, and physically sick!

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    • durden

      Feb 5th 2010, 9:51

      i loved Snyder's adaptation(and yes i have read the graphic novel).it was loyal to it and furthermore it was a great standalone movie!!so,i'm interested in spin-offs and sequels only if snyder is in.if he's not,then let the watchmen universe rest in peace...

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    • liamegan

      Feb 5th 2010, 18:07

      Zack Snyder is a f*****g moron.

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    • darthnixa

      Sep 13th 2013, 14:27

      As someone who has read the comic and enjoyed the movie, I think this is the worst news I've heard in a while. Watchmen is one of the best books/comics/stories I've ever read/seen. I will boycott DC from now on, if they do it. I know I can't make much of an impact alone, but I'll boycott them.

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