Werner Herzog to play the villain in Tom Cruise's One Shot

The Cruiser vs Grizzly Man

Everything seems to be stacking up nicely for a Jack Reacher movie: action hero Tom Cruise as Reacher himself, a beautiful supporting cast in the shapes of Rosamund Pike and Alexia Fast and solid character work from Richard Jenkins. But where's the Bond-style bad guy? 
Amazingly, German director Werner Herzog has been hired to fill that role in a rare turn in front of the camera. 
Herzog's voice should be a familiar sound to cultured film fans, as the director has narrated documentaries such as Grizzly Man, Cave Of Forgotten Dreams and Encounters At The End Of The World
He also appeared in the 2007 poker film The Grand
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Herzog will play The Zec, a character from the 2005 Lee Child novel who is described as an "ageless and shadowy figure". 
Christopher McQuarrie is directing from his own script.
One Shot is set to begin filming in Pittsburgh this month and opens early 2013.

Is Herzog's tired German drawl the perfect sound for a villain in a Jack Reacher movie? How will he handle being in front of the camera on a Hollywood blockbuster? Give us your voiceover in the comments below!


    • Giambifan257

      Oct 4th 2011, 21:14

      He did well in a starring role in Harmony Korine's "Julien Donkey Boy".

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    • writerdave87

      Oct 4th 2011, 23:48

      Well I don't think anyone saw that coming.

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    • cleanbreak

      Oct 5th 2011, 10:57

      Werner Herzog also had a large part in a recent episode of 'the simpsons', what's mad is that he was really funny in it.

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    • gquinn81

      Oct 7th 2011, 13:21

      Cruise playing Reacher is a joke. He's meant to be 6' 5" and built like a brick sh*thouse. Cruise is 5' 7" wtf?

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    • Illustratedman

      Oct 7th 2011, 15:01

      I agree. 5'7" Tom Cruise playing Reacher? Yawn...

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