Wes Craven returns for Scream 4?

Neve Campbell says yes


The next installment of the Scream franchise is set to begin filming in April next year, and although stars of the first trilogy Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox have been confirmed to return, one ingredient has been missing - original director Wes Craven.

Craven has apparently been wating to see a finished script before signing on the dotted line, but in a recent interview, Neve Campbell has stated she is "pretty sure" he will return to direct the film.

The script is currently being written by Kevin Williamson, the man behind the first two installments of Scream (i.e. the good ones), so with his original cast and writer in place, the elements seem perfect for Wes to return to the helm.

The film will be set ten years later in Woodsboro, and is described as “an ensemble” which will introduce several new characters. Williamson has said that it will reference manga comics, Asian ghost girl movies, PG-13 horror movies, vampire films, M. Night Shyamalan movies and even torture porn.

Are you looking forward to more Scream? Going to put your fingers in your ears and pretend it doesn't exist? Let us know.


    • Joker

      Nov 25th 2009, 10:06

      I love the original films so now that everyone seems to be back im well looking forward to this hope its really good :)

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    • Tartantino

      Nov 26th 2009, 18:59

      Normally I would hate the idea of something like this but I actually believe that this could work out very well and I would be interested to see how it references the styles of horror cinema as mentioned above, hopefully with the same effect as Scream had.

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