Wes Craven talks Scream 4

“Kevin Williamson has a trilogy in mind…”

While it’s already been revealed that writer Kevin Williamson is hard at work on the script for Scream 4, director Wes Craven hasn’t weighed in until now.

The man who brought us the first three Scream films has been talking to Digital Spy and says that while he isn’t officially set to direct yet, he’d consider it…

“Bob Weinstein has talked to me, he's interested in me directing it. I had a brief conversation with Kevin and I know that Kevin is writing.

“What I've said to Bob is I'm not closed to it, I'm not open to it, I'll be perfectly happy to read a script and tell him what I think. That's where it's at and I'm not expecting a script until August. I don't know what the premise is or anything."

Despite these being the early days, and his loose connection to the movie – or possible movies, as it turns out – Craven still dropped a few hints about the nature of the new script.

"I don't think it's a reboot and Kevin, when he talked to me, said, 'Remember, it's not just Scream 4, it's Scream 5 and 6.' So I guess he has a trilogy in mind."

Finally, with the recent word that David Arquette and Courteney Cox Arquette are considering a return to the franchise, Craven added his own take.

"I've been told, and I don't think they'll mind if I say this, the deals on David Arquette and Courteney are virtually set. I believe everybody else will be new."

So there you have it. An all-new Scream franchise? In the making Can it return to scoop the post-post-modern horror crown?

[Source: Digital Spy]

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    • samanthabridget

      Jun 9th 2009, 10:50

      they really need to try and get neve campbell to play as sidney again otherwise it wont be the same, and people won't think it's good if she isnt in it.

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    • Desperation

      Jun 9th 2009, 11:34

      Yawn. Scream was a good film and Scream 2 had its moments, but 3 was poor. I don't think they need to revisit this franchise, and there''s certainly no need for another trilogy.

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    • bigboxshops

      Jun 11th 2009, 2:55

      Scream was a good film,and every one has ite own specify.they need to revisit this franchise in my opinion. www.bigboxshops.com----selling movies dvds sets, free shipping .

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    • ladycassie

      Jun 12th 2009, 12:58

      I love the scream films. I am really happy to hear they are doing more.

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    • Aureleon

      Jun 12th 2009, 21:32

      I hope they bring back Sidney and kill her off, well at least in one of the three new movies.

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    • NickyC

      Jun 12th 2009, 21:58

      NEVER before in the history of cinema have we EVER seen such a paranoid, useless, unimaginative version of Hollywood! Look at the evidence. Conan remake. FD4. Everyone's excited about Batman 3 AGAIN! Lethal Weapon 5 is on the cards! Scream 4, 5 and 6! Saw 6, 7 and 8! The second one was enough to put anyone off! Halloween 2 Again! Clash Of The Titans remade by an idiot! Terminator 4! Star Trek starts again! Toy Story 3!? Old films in 3D! Even James Bond is apologising for his past! And frankly, when you have to use a computer to make your movie, you have forgotten about a little word called 'drama' which USED TO MEAN SOMETHING. Hollywood perfected the art form and then they killed their idol, which is merely the nogalstic interpretation of their former selves! ... Roll on the A-Team. More nails for the coffin!

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